Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Blue Zones

As soon as my copy of the Dairy Goat Journal arrives in the mail I scan the pictures, especially those sent in from readers. It is such a treat to me. Then, for fun, I jump to the Judging Quiz section, to see if I can again select the goat that wins the class! The rest of the magazine normally is read within a week. For those of you interested in dairy goats, this is a great magazine to subscribe to. I archive the copies on a book shelf, in date order, and I do refer back to them from time to time. The dairy section always intrigues me, especially the farm journals. People out there work a lot harder than I do. I do not milk goats at 5:00 A.M.!!!!

Somehow the last magazine I received sat after I completed the judging quiz. A few days ago I picked it up and began reading an article titled Goat Milk Proven to Enhance Longevity. The benefits of goat milk are not new to me, but what did catch my eye was the source of some of the article's information, a book titled The Blue Zones, author Dan Buettner.

What are Blue Zones? They are areas and cultures where humans live much longer in comparison to people inhabiting the rest of the globe.

So, to put some salve on the itch in my curious brain, to learn more about Blue Zones, I began a Google search.

Here are bits and pieces of what I found:

Where Are These Blue Zones?The Barbargia region in Sardinia, Italy (where the Blue Zone phenomenon primarily affects men); Okinawa, Japan; Nicoya, Costa Rica; Loma Linda, California.

We literally got a taste of secret number one: goat’s milk.

Daily naps - Taking a 30-minute nap at least five times a week can decrease the risk of heart attack by 35 percent. It refreshes your mind and isn't just for kids after all.

If you do a search as well, you will find other healthful longevity tips such as: eat a lean plant based diet, put family first (and elders), exercise (walking), and drink a glass or two of red wine daily (I drink 5 ounces each evening), and laugh with friends.

I need to go back and read all of the articles I linked to again! They are interesting, and there are more to read via the Google search.

Way to go, goat milk! I love it. And you know what? I do feel better when I have my cup a day. I have been known, when I have no girls in milk, to thaw out a bottle that was frozen for the kids just to fulfill my need for goat milk.

I have been thinking a great deal about getting older (I am fifty now), and how I need to be as strong and healthy as I possibly can. I feel 20-something in the head, but my body isn't so young anymore! So...with this Blue Zone idea in my head, no I will not try to live to 130, but it sure does make me think, be as healthy as possible. Be as natural as possible (skin and body). Take better care of the body that God gifted to me!


rhymeswithplague said...

The blue zones are interesting, but not near enough to me to do me any good.

I'm 68 on the outside, 18 on the inside.

Twisted Fencepost said...

I read about blue zones not long ago. And if you think about it, it really makes a lot of sense.

LindaSueBuhl said...

Coincidink! I also researched Blue Zones recently - a great deal of what they listed were relational things - maintaining close affectionate relationships. Also walking,sleeping well, eating moderately (oh crud I'm out already!) and LESS STRESS - aha - so it is just what scriptures tell us about a wise person knowing there are times for everything and not everything has to be right now! Fun - I am not a fan of any kind of milk - my goats are supposed to be meat animals but I got a Nubian buck (for free) so this year's kids are far too small for meat sales. BUT - they do give me affectionate relating so that helps.

Mary Humphrey said...

Robert/Billy, I left a comment on your blog this morning. I was surpirsed to have been able to do so, my computer has not allowed me to comment on your blog in over a month. I would love to hear what you have done throughout your life to bring you to the point where you feel 50 years younger.

Becky, I agree! It makes perfect sense. A lot of what these people do is nothing new to our ears, yet, shouldn't we wake up and smell the coffee?

Linda, re: less stress. I was just thinking yesterday, before I started back on the Blue Zones thinking, I should deliberately bring more peace into my own life. That means, focusing on one thing, and letting the rest go to the wayside. Back to the multi-tasking constantly, slap myself on the wrist! Absolutely about the all ties in...never anything new under the sun, is there? :)But we are human, and slip off.

By the way, I was nearly out in the very beginning of the list too...but I am going to work on doing a much better job of it. I am inspired!

KathyB. said...

Interesting! Many of the things you mention I already do, but as I don't have goats.....I do eat a lot of Feta cheese and use goat milk soap, does that count?

Like Twisted Fencepost said, it makes a lot of sense. And the things you mentioned are the diet and life style of our ancestors. Respecting elders is mentioned in the Bible and many ancient writings....any people who respect their elders and their new ones ( babies ) would be a people who respect and care for life.Just plain good for us all around.

....good post for thinking!

Lynnanne said...

How weird! I was just in the farm store and picked up the issue you mention.... and saw "The Blue Zones" and wondered what it meant.
Fancy that, you posting about it!

On another subject, kinda, could anyone tell me anything about mini nubians?

Mary said...

Lynnanne, Amy, of I Love Nubians, Make Mine Mini, is as close to the mini nubian expert as anyone I know. Her link is on my blog.

I have been friends with Amy for a bit over 4 years now. A good lady!

Mary said...

Kathy, of course goat milk soap counts!!!

It is interesting how it is all basic, and how it goes back to the beginning, and God's word.

Lynnanne said...

Thanks! I'll check it out.

Alix said...

My new mission statement: Destination Blue Zone!

Thanks for the fascinating info.

Stacey's Treasures said...

This is very interesting! I think the nap part is a great idea!

Daisy Soap Girl said...

Great tips. I like the nap part too. I think I'll start to practice that starting today.