Thursday, July 2, 2009

I Spy The Great Escape

One of my younger nubian does, Aralynn, has been showing up outside of the lot each day. When I arrive at the barn in the evening she has been waiting for me in the driveway, next to the barn door. One morning I carried the full milk cans to my truck, and there she stood already. She didn't wait long to escape that day. The good thing is, like many goats, she ends up in a place where she waits for me, she does not run off. With much unease, I kept thinking, "How and where is she coming out of the fence?," seemingly right under my nose.

Sunday morning we made a trip around that particular lot with wire cutters, fence posts, fence post driver, the entire works in tow. We thought we had any possible escape route fixed.


I was very concerned about her getting out in the road. Concerned for her own safety, and for my liability. I already pay more than double farm insurance premium because of a similar accident involving one of our horses.

So this morning, as a final attempt, I asked my husband to help me spy.

As soon as I put that particular group of goats out of the barn I gave Bob a call.

He watched as well as he could from afar, and I glanced out of the barn window as often as I could.

Aralynn ate grain, ate some hay, then wandered up the hill.

I thought we had her spot figured out. Wrong. And, of course, she sensed that we were watching.

She came back down the hill. I watched her from inside the barn, through an old window. I could see she was not intent upon staying with the herd.

10 minutes later I saw her interest in some weeds outside of the fence. She was about 30 feet away from the barn, along the fence line.

At that moment I saw it happen. I saw one long dairy leg go outside of the fence. Then the second leg stepped forward. Like a well-oiled cat that could get slink through a mouse hole, the rest of her body slid through, lickity split, just like that.

There she was, in all of her glory, happily munching on goodies on the side of the embankment.


She was slipping through a break in the fence where we had to cut horns loose last year, a gap no larger than 6"x6". The fence would bounce back after her departure, so the gap looked innocent enough to us. No kidding, this small hole did not look big enough for a cat to squeeze through.

They always say, "If you can see through the might not hold the goats."

I hardly have a bit of trouble with fencing, but this one got me good!

Problem solved...for now...until next time!


Alix said...

What a clever little goat Aralynn is. She was cool as a cucumber while you were watching too... that's funny.

I'm glad you found her escape hatch though. We don't want her wandering too far.

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

I had to add a comment myself...yesterday Debbie said I would "make a good CSI." I think I earned my credentials today. :)

Twisted Fencepost said...

Clever little goat can outsmart you for only so long. Then the CSI in you takes over. tee hee
Been there, done that, but with cows and horses.

LindaSueBuhl said...

They are incredibly clever -and in my part of the world we say "if water can get through your gate - so can a goat" - we do find most of our escapees are very young goats not our lazy overfed does! Funny story and impressive detective work - will we be seeing CSI Goat Hill?

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

She was where she was supposed to be this evening. I really did expect her to figure out a new Houdini act. She hasn't yet!

KathyB. said...

Those goats..they keep you thinking, don't they? Yup, if there is a way out the goat will find it!Never fear, according to Linda Sue, CSI Goat Hill is here! ( with side kick Aralynn )

Christy said...

I've got an escape artist too. I've plugged at least 5 holes that he was getting through. He has another one, I've found him out the last 3 days. I'm not sure where this one is. The rest are happy to stay put but not this guy.

DebH said...

Boy do I know that goat!! She must be related to a couple of mine. They look so innocent at you when found out though and that just makes me smile!!