Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Plans and More Plans

Welcome to my corner of the office.

I am feeling better today. But somehow I woke at 2:30 a.m., and have not been asleep since. My face is beginning to lose the Frankenstein monster look. My vision is slightly out of sorts, ibuprofen does that to me after a few days of regular doses. So, the hubby took me to the grocery this morning. That felt rather silly, but oh well, things will improve, and I was grateful. Again, I am writing from the phone, waiting for the start of today's headache to slip away.

The remainder of today (and during some of my own quiet wee hours) included planning a new business. Bob has been unemployed for well over a year. So, we are putting our creative juices into action to put him back to work. I can dig it. I love business planning. I am of the type that likes to learn as much as possible so I can act as a resource when needed, and when I can be creative it really sparks me.

We will find a way to beat this economy...I am determined! One thing I seldom do is lose confidence in the silver lining, there always is one. Prayer is amazing. And I strongly believe things happen for a reason, ears and eyes open!

Have you had to be creative with work as well?


Alix said...

Mary, you are ALWAYS such an inspiration. You measure your words, are thoughtful, work hard, are genuine, easy, friendly, sweet, funny.

Oh yeah... and you make killer soap. What can't you do. Plus - your workspace is tidy. Wow. You are the perfect woman.

Give the rest of us a chance, will ya?

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I wish the soap business brought in enough income for y'all. Glad you're on the mend Mary.

Mary said...

I'll work on that, Alix. Toot sweet, right? :)

Joanna, times are tough. I refuse to fold in. The soap company is fine. She will flourish through all of this. The man needs work to fulfill his needs, and the needs of his family (me). I want to see him get beyond this. He deserves it.

We shut down a service company right when the economy nosedived. Who would have known to not change careers?

I really have remained positive, I can say that much. Try as they might, my faith sticks.

KathyB. said...

I was thinking about you earlier tonight and how you are someone who could be counted on in a pinch to "come up with a plan". Now, I don't know why you popped into my head like that and just where this thought came from, but I hope you take it as it comes, you HAVE A PLAN! Kind of like the old T.V. show "the A-Team". Only this is entitled "The M-Team"!

Love your planning and office space, very neat and orderly. A person could actually think there!

I truly hope and pray your husband is able to find employment soon. This is a bad time for job seekers, yet we know God has a job for him and "A PLAN"!

Twisted Fencepost said...

No, I haven't. But I need to. I have been unemployed since Jan. I'm thinking of going back to school in the fall.
Good luck with the new business!

Mary Humphrey said...

An "A-Plan," now, that is the ultimate plan! The one I definitely try to adhere to, now it has a name. I trust in the M-Plan, but always guided by the A-Plan.

Today the plan continued.