Sunday, July 5, 2009

What is it, blah?!

What is it?

Isn't that a very general question?

The photo represents a general feeling towards all of the hype. Are you tired of the hype too?

I do not watch a lot of television, but I do watch a bit of the morning news (out of Cincinnati) and a few movies here and there. Yesterday I vegged out, which I do not do often. I watched Uncle Buck, twice. I miss John Candy. I am certainly not ashamed to admit I like some of the old corny things in life.

The news and other newsy channels, and media, seem to be filled with constant trash, constant repeats, and the running down of anyone and everyone it can get its hands on.

I realize the situation regarding Michael Jackson, or the death of any famous person (which I feel should be a very private thing), can be tragic, but what is up with the hype? Here we go again...Palin is going to resign, and possibly move on to other things? Okay, more power to her. I may or may not agree with their lifestyle or pursuits, but aren't we all created equally?

Perhaps I am living in a fairy tale world, but I do not feel like idolizing any single human being. People are talented, and I admire their God given talents. People should expand upon their own talents, the passions are there for a reason. But to idolize a human, or even to chop up, or cut down, why is that necessary?

What do you think, it is all about making money? I love social media, and I love media in general, we can learn a lot in today's society, but do we know too much, too fast, too often?

We can shut off the television, no doubt about it. We can turn off our radios as well. But I do think we need a certain amount of current event knowledge under each of our belts. Learning and soaking in of information goes back to the beginning of time, even then people were not recluses. They visited and travelled about, on foot.

I am not bitter, not at all, I simply get tired of it all from time to time. I am not impressed. Do you feel the same? I would love to see the focus shift to really positive things, and I believe there is a lot still out there!

I am hitting the publish post key NOW. This is one of those posts where I keep thinking, erase Mary, erase, but then, I will probably be proven wrong again. I would love to hear your comments.


DebH said...

well my input is very much the same as yours on the constant spin of this crazy society, but often I realize that noise around me is my choice, be it the TV the Radio or simply everyday Nature noise. I have realized that while some things just repeat themselves over and over like human error there are things we gently learn from by those mistakes....sometimes it takes some a little longer to catch on. I think being patient and realizing it all happens in good time (and I am thinking the good) is the only thing that saves me!

Alix said...

I am so with you, Mary. So very much. As you know, I did enjoy the talents of MJ very much and spent my hard earned dollars investing in his music... but the idolatry thing? Nope. He may have had super-human talent, but he had more than typical human dysfunction and for that does not deserve worship. Understanding? Yes. Patience? Yes. Forgiveness. Yes. Absolution? Not in a million years.

Love your always insightful posts.

KathyB. said...

Yes! I am appreciative of the contributions to the music, entertainment, literary, and art world...there are some mighty talented people out there. But although there are celebrities whose work I enjoy very much, I do not idolize them.

There are many preachers and teachers whose words are inspiring, and true, but I do not idolize them, and just as the aforementioned types, I can and do listen to them, read their works and appreciate that which I believe to be true, but I do not idolize or worship them. They, like all people, even the ones we love dearly, will let us down. That is why I like the words of Solomon in the book of Ecclesiastes, he was the richest and wisest man in the world and he realized all is vain without God...

I have grown weary of so much T.V. too, and blogging has replaced my T.V. watching. I read a lot of blogs and return to those I find enriching, uplifting, educational, inspiring.... they don't have to be "happy, happy, happy" but able to find and encourage others in enduring the race, fortified for life....putting some perspective on life's trials and joys...

whew! way too long! blah, blah. Thanks for the forum!

Wobegon Cottage said...

nine hundred channels and there is nothing on T.V. or should I say nothing I care to watch. I believe Kathy(cedar pond) may be right blogging is taking the place of watching that boob tube. More information and more uplifting.
What happened to normalcy????

(Owner Mary Humphrey) said...

Soaking in the points made, all very good ones, with a lot of thought behind them.

I loved what Kathy said, blogs do not have to be, "happy, happy, happy."

In my own estimation, just be yourself!

More on this...but first I have to get my morning together.

Twisted Fencepost said...

I don't watch a lot of tv either. I have other things to occupy my mind. Like blogging.
Not big on idolitry either. Let them rest in peace and let the family have peace.

Mary Humphrey said...

What I love about blogging, or the internet itself, is that we can read what we want, without stuff crammed into our heads that we do not want to watch or listen to. TV still has its place in my life, but it is a very small place.