Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice and Soap Do Mix

Hello! Yes, Mother Nature is being active this morning!

The internet signal (satellite) has been off and on, the power has flickered as well, but all is well.

This is a pic from my front porch. The branches are pretty much forming a veil across the front yard, around the sidewalk area. Pretty, indeed.

Heavy snow is moving in, along with temps that are about 10-15 degrees colder, within the next hour.

I am going to cut that beautiful batch of soap that I poured into the mold yesterday. And I think I will make more, as long as I have power. Hopefully I can post to the blog again later.

I am also working on a plan to upgrade to equipment that will allow me to post regardless of the weather. For now, I do have dial up back up. If you need anything, I check emails throughout every day.
Hope everyone is safe! And remember, one step closer to spring!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh it looks the same here Mary but we're getting heavy snow right now! Of course, you know your goats will kid in this kind of weather, be careful out there and I'm glad we haven't lost power or such here yet though and we still have a good sattelite signal to watch TV and our internet is still going strong but then again we have DSL and it hasn't given us too much trouble regardless of weather.

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Very Pretty! Still, I sure am glad we did not get that much ice here, I remember the last bad ice storm, I am still picking up branches and limbs around the farm from it.