Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lotion In The Shop Today

I worked in the shop today. It was refreshing to be out there after sitting at the desk this past week.

Today was a lotion making day. I have new scents to put on the website: honeysuckle, vanilla, berry, unscented, plumeria, lavender and baby powder.

I have a very bad case of spring fever! I cannot wait to start my cottage type/whimsical garden. I plan to get canning going again too. I have to make it happen! I'll write more about that tomorrow.

I love a good plumeria scent. I wish we could grow them here. Today's photo shows a pink plumeria. I looked at several pictures this morning, plumeria blooms beautiful colors (white, yellow, pink, red and pastels). The plant thrives in the more tropical regions, some of the very southern states can grow plumeria. I also read that the plant can be moved to a basement for the winter. I am not quite ready to try that, but I do hope to start a small greenhouse eventually. The plumeria starts to flower in the summer, stays in flower for 3 months, and sometimes carries the flowering season into the fall.

We have snow coming into Ohio today. I just glanced at the radar. The snow line is about 2 miles away. The pond froze over last night, and it is covered with snow now as well. I hate to see the ducks not have water to play in!


Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

I am thinking about Spring already, even as the temps are suppose to get down to only 5 degrees tonight. I ordered seed catalogs today!

Anonymous said...

We already got snow coming down as I look out the window typing this, it has been snowing off and on since late morning though, I love the scent of Plumeria!

Joanna said...

Keep wishing for Spring, I'm with ya.

do you have FEEDBACK on your webpage? I was looking.

You've got me wanting to try Plumeria for sure.

KathyB. said...

I too was outside working with my wool today. It was sunny and I was thinking about my herb garden and all the plans I have. I almost postponed working with my wool to garden, but I know January sunshine is deceptive..and frost is just a day or 2 away. So I stayed with my wool.

As for plumeria! Plumeria has to be one of the loveliest scents on earth. I lived in Hawaii for 3 years as a child, and plumeria grows everywhere there. We had plumeria trees ( not big ones though) in our yard and I was always plucking the flowers and sniffing til I would wear out the flower. No problem, there were always more plumerias. The scent reminds me of apple blossoms, but sweeter and somehow richer without being sickening!

As usual, inspiring post! Thank-you.

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

It sounds like we all have spring fever! :) And that is what I planned to gear my topic to today.

Joanna, yes, I have been working on a testimonials page. Until I am completely happy with it, it will not be linked to my navigation bars. The link, though, is located on the index page, just to the right of my company logo. You are in there, and I greatly appreciated your comments! Feedback from friends is wonderful.