Monday, January 12, 2009

Primitive Soap Balls

Update, and no update (as I roll my eyes), the hugely pregnant does are still holding onto those kids. :)

Today I am filling orders and working on packaging for new bath products.

For some reason I began reflecting on my childhood a bit ago, remembering when I began my interest in soap.

I was about 8 years old. We went on a school field trip to a replica of a pioneer village. I loved the big two story house! I loved the fireplaces, the cooking hearths, the old wobbly glass window panes, and the primitive furniture. I still adore these things!

During the field trip we walked outdoors from shop to shop. We stopped at the wood shop, the candle making shop, the wool spinning shop, and the iron smith shop. If someone would have asked me if I wanted to turn the century clock back, I would have let out a big "yes!"

Before we left the village we stopped at the souvenir shop. I think my mother had given me 50 cents that day. I didn't want candy, nor did I want a toy, I was fascinated by the rustic balls of soap displayed in the big wash tins along the back wall. So I bought my first bar of soap! Pretty similar to the soap in this photo!

A few years later, I think I ended up being the only youngster I knew that had a couple of shoe boxes full of soap under her bed. I had pretty Avon soap shaped like handkerchiefs, hand crafted soap, tar soap, oatmeal soap, every scent I could get my hands on. What a strange thing for a kid to love, but I did. I didn't think anything of it!

I never thought about making my own soap way back then. It didn't cross my mind! But somehow I eventually found what I was looking for. Now, more than 4 decades later, I want to make soap balls! I would love to see a vintage jar with soap balls in it!

This is why I urge people to do what their dreams are hinting what you feel creative at. You just never know! And when you allow your creativity to come forward, happiness follows right behind

If anyone knows how to make soap balls, I am ready to learn!


Anonymous said...

How fun! I didn't think I would be living on a farm and raising animals though, I was about 14 when we first started out with rabbits then 4-H but didn't care for 4-H at all though.

The Scavenger said...

I would have loved to just stay on that field trip, those are the things I love the most. I think the soap ball in a vintage jar would great too, love to see that. I have soap making dreams as well, I'm chasing them too. Once I am able to get milk from my goats, watch out. lol Really enjoy your blog, be back for more.


Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Amy, I remember drawing animals when I was a child. With pencil and notebook paper in hand I would draw horses, pigs and cows. My favorite place was my great-aunt's farm in Missouri. On those visits, I literally stayed outside all day with the animals, and of course, also in the huge vegetable garden. Never did I dream that I would someday be able to be a part of what inspired me! Did you also do 4-H goats? I love what 4-H does for the kids, some really do fantastic.

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Okay, Chris! I want to hear about the milk when you get it!

Joanna said...

This morning a lathered in your goat soap and then put on some of your lotion, I arrived at the office with clean, with smooth skin, and smelling sweet. :-)

Anonymous said...

Nope, only did the rabbits for 4-H but we couldn't attend one of the things at the fair though since we had to be at my brother's rehearsal dinner for his 1st wedding and when I went to the fair and walked around my brother and we were in the rabbit building and it was the poultry building too, the people that were in charge of the rabbits turned their noses up at us, we were trying to be friendly and all just because we didn't attend some 4-H thing. I wrote a book in 1st and 2nd grade and I did the pictures and one book was about me coming to the USA from Korea and the other was a book about the different colors in each season.

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Glad you like your soap and lotion, Joanna!

KathyB. said...

I remember seeing the soap balls for sale when our family toured Jamestown. I have always been fascinated by the ability to make things every household needs and takes for granted they can purchase at the supermarket or mall.Maybe that is part of the magic of spinning wool for me.

I loved making soap from my goat's milk, gathering eggs from my chickens, when my Hubby harvests honey from his bees, and it all does seem like magic doesn't it?

Can't wait to get the soap!Thank-you.

briallen said...

I've looked at numerous webpages and articles about making soap-balls - but my soap won't ball!

It just goes all crumbly, I think it might be because I add Sodium Lactate (Hot Process).

Good luck with your quest!

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Kathy, yes, it does. I makes me happy!

One of my friends says she can see me spinning. I say, not yet. I may purchase an angora or two someday and try it. It looks fascinating.

I wish we all could go back to basics (with some help from the modern world), just a touch!

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

I have some thoughts regarding the soap balls, I'll try it next week and try to do a pictorial. It could be a pictorial of a disaster. :) But we shall see!

Hidden Brook Farm said...

Love the shoes boxes full under the bed!

Right or wrong(which really dont think there is such a thing with many thing:) )...I've just made soap balls as my batch started hardening. Especially if I have used a fragrance that makes it set up quickly. Instead of trying to smush it all down in a mold, just squish it into balls-lol.

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

LOL...that is what I plan to try next week. Put on the rubber gloves to protect the hands from uncured soap, and form balls! Cross your fingers for me!