Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday's Thoughts

Young Miss Amelie says Good Sunday Morning to you!

I met a very nice lady a few days ago, Alix. Alix has a great blog, Casa Hice! Yesterday, she wrote an enjoyable article about William The Wonder Goat. I think Alix will see goats in her future again! For my friends that are goat or animal lovers, you will want to read Alix's post, and for those of you that want to help a nice lady (who is also in a winter slump, like the rest of us), yep you heard me, the winter doldrums, please visit her blog!

It was a warm 30-something degrees this morning as I walked down to the pond before dawn to feed the ducks. It felt great! A true heat wave, makes me want to read a book in the yard swing and bask in sunshine. We really do not have sunshine today, and the temperatures are dropping, along with wind and snow showers, but I did enjoy those few moments outside this morning with the quiet and the much warmer temps.

We are visiting with friends today. Our dear friend, Bob, has been struggling with figuring out how to print labels from his computer. This is the same friend that had never touched a computer before last spring. He has since adopted his "friend," and I give him a blue ribbon for his accomplishments. He is going to get a lesson in label printing today, along with a set of labels from my office. Bless his heart. :)

This week I am geared up for soap making. I have colorants that I am going to work with. Honestly, I have never used colorants that were not based on herbal, complexion clay, or essential oils. So...I will be making some fun colored soaps, and I'll share pics with all of you. One day this week I will tell about the colorants and the wonderful package of goodies that they arrived in.

Beginning February 1, I am going to run a soap of the month special. I believe I have the first scent picked out. It is a popular one! I'll match up the lotions, and some bath salts as well.

I also wanted to say, if you have any thoughts on scents that you would like to see in a soap or lotion, I have big listening ears. I am welcome to any ideas! I try so very hard to keep myself out of the box of selling what I like personally, what you like might be different from what I like.

Anyhow...I need to end this rambling for the day. :) I can get carried away pretty easily! Enjoy your Sunday, relax, enjoy the reprise from the arctic freeze (if you have warmer temps today), if not, get the extra covers out and hibernate!


Anonymous said...

What a pretty girl Amelie is but I like red goats though, I'm at home all day today since our furnace isn't working at our church and our congregation is of mostly older people too! It's a balmy 23 degrees right now and of course snowing once again and I'm headed over to Casa Hice's blog now.

Joanna said...

You have many, many scents to choose from, in fact, when I placed my order I can't believe I didn't order SWEETPEA, I noticed it later, I'll be baaaaack.

When we were making some laundry detergent last night, I was wondering if we could use some goat soap?

Scent of the month sounds like a great idea.

Alix said...

Yay! What a thrill to be linked by your blog, Mary.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And thanks also to Amy who came over and left such a sweet comment. I'll be by to see you later, but now I gotta order me some goat milk soap.

Stay warm, y'all!


Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Yes, Amy, it was a much better day today! Thanks about Amelie. Like Annie, she was given to me by our friend, Helen. Amelie could not walk, coiled up in strange positions. We worked with her twice a day, we called it goat therapy. We would even hang her in a special sling to force her up on her feet with her back held straight. Today she stands at the fenceline, a beautiful girl, wanting attention.

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Joanna, I love the sweet pea soap. It is a new item, was not on the website, just finished curing. :) Yes, you can use the goat milk soap in laundry detergent. Can you imagine how good that is going to smell?

Alix, Amy and I have been friends for about 4 years now. We met on a goat forum. Glad you are here to chat with!

Anonymous said...

Mary is a sweet lady, I have chatted with her a couple of times over the phone too just to chat :-D

Some goats just win our hearts over huh, Mary! We've had a few that needed special care.

Heidi said...

Colorants are SOOOOO much fun! I've been dreaming up a colorful soap to make sometime in the near future. If you working with BB's lab colors you won't be disappointed!!

Peggy said...

Tell Amelie that Diva and the girls say a big hi back at her. LOL