Friday, February 13, 2009

Aleecia Says Goat Soap And Lotion

Aleecia says, "Mom, some day I will make you milk!" Aleecia is one of my does born during the blizzard last year. Her dam is Cammille. Camille is spotted, but in a reverse sort of way. She is tan with some slightly darker rings and spots.

Today was a soap and lotion day. I felt creative today, tried some different soap combinations. Cutting will be interesting tomorrow.

The sun is wonderful! I am sure you can see that in the pic. It isn't exactly warm, but it feels like spring is definitely on the way! I received some more seed catalogs in the mail. I need to hideaway with them. I just may order some chicks this year.


Anonymous said...

Aleecia is beautiful! We have a buck that was born in '07 that is black with tan and light colored spots and his Mom is a light tan with darker spots though but I have seen a camouflage Nubian buck that was quite interesting! Kiwi the buck's Mom will be going to her new home in PA to a young boy soon and he's getting 2 other does as well, 2 of the does were from our '07 kidding season, one is quite flashy and one is black and white. It was a nice sunny day here too, one of our does Mississippi ( Missy for short ) didn't want to come in this evening but I didn't want to leave her outside because we have some weird and crazy neighbor's around our property though and who knows what they would do to them, etc. plus predators since our Pyrs. are at the house!

Gioia Made Soap said...

MY little Maltese Gioia has a food allergy. I tried to give many types of food, but we ended.. and I am so sorry, with Goat meat.
But she also loves goat cheese and goatmilk so, sometimes I think I have a maltese Goat.
I love your goats, they look very nice.

KathyB. said...

Yes! Get some chicks! You will really appreciate fresh eggs and the entertainment value a flock of chickens provide....then you will have it all. Fresh eggs and milk for the table, and caprine frolicking and hen house antics for entertainment, the pleasure of working with your hands doing something you love and the sense of well being that comes from a good and honest life! are blessed.

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

A Maltese goat. :)

Yes, I do feel blessed!