Saturday, February 14, 2009

Reflections Of Love

Valentine's Day...a day made by man...a day that reflects the love that is unique to a human being. So blessed we are to have the ability to love.

I love so many different things, but what is most important are the people that I love. I love my husband, my friends, my sister, my family, and my neighbors. I love other things such as my farm, but "things" are very much secondary. I love my role in life, the things that I have the ability to do, and I love knowing that I have the blessings that enable me to do them.

I met my husband, Bob, in 2001. I never frequented chat rooms but decided to step into one that afternoon. I did not need a date, and I was not looking for one! There he sat, even though he was not a chat room fan either. We chatted briefly. He asked me a few things, so innocent, such as, "Do you like pick up trucks?" What sort of question was that? But it was far from some of the indecent questions that a person might get, it was genuine. I went about my busy life and one quiet afternoon about a month later I ran across Bob again. The genuine person came through as it did the first time we chatted. I asked him if he would like to meet for coffee. I thought he needed a new friend, sounded lonely, and I knew that it wouldn't hurt for me to have another buddy. The next day we stepped out of our vehicles in the parking lot at a local Shoney's restaurant (at the same time), like two peas in a pod. There were sparks, yes, but it was more like an old friend emerged. We sat up talking all night, never slept a wink, never shut up. Three weeks later, and many calls and visits later, it was obvious to me that the friend that I asked out to coffee was honest, genuine, and obviously someone that was looking out for my best interests. I treasured him. My oldest son said to me one day, "Moommmm...he is SO country!" You betcha'! And so??? Long story short, we married 8 months later. He is my best friend. Oh, there are moments when I feel like taking the frying pan to his head, but he is precious to me. We are both goofs, neither of us like a mushy sort of love, and the sense of humor from both of us is wacky, to say the least, but it was meant to be, and I (again) feel very blessed.

Whatever and whomever you love today, I hope you can embrace today, Happy Valentine's Day!


Alix said...

Oh Mary! Talk about goosebumps!! Your story trumps mine by a mile. How wonderful to hear you describe Bob with words like "treasure" and "precious." Aren't we so lucky to have men in our lives that we can feel deep love like that for. There are so many lonely hearts in the world. Losing that is the thing I most fear in life.

I love your love story! And it really does just go to show that you actually CAN find love online.

Happy VD my friend. I love you.

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing!

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

I shared goosebumps with you today, Alix. :) Love you too.

Thanks, Amy!

KathyB. said...

I love your 'love story'! And look where your love story has brought seem to have a life filled with love, of your family, animals, what you do! How can you possibly beat that?..more love!