Monday, February 23, 2009

Relaxing Lavender Goat Milk Soap and Lotion

Some days we just need to relax and restore.

Today I have been working on the website, rewording, reworking and retagging. I have felt a tad bit frazzled lately. But today is a "get back to grass roots" day, at my own pace.

On these types of days it sometimes calls for doing something a bit extra for ourselves, which made me think about lavender.

Did you know that lavender has been used as long as history has been recorded as a soothing herb, one that might help with relaxation? It has also been used as an antiseptic, and as an essential oil to help the skin heal from certain conditions such as insect bites and mild burns.

The color lavender, I feel, is also relaxing. As a child, I belonged to a number of groups, such as Girl Scouts, and always loved the projects that we created in Vacation Bible school, the bowling league, and a few others, and whenever I was asked to put something together it normally ended up being lavender in color. My grandmother lived in a large older home, with a master bedroom painted in lavender. Oh, how I loved to spend time in that room, especially with that huge bay window.

I recently received handwritten cards from Alix of Casa Hice, and Anne-Marie of Soap and The Finer Things in Life (along with a special gift pac that I still need to tell you about). Beautiful lavender cards!


Anonymous said...

I always liked Lavender!

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Amy, when I was young my mother made a lavender jumper dress, sort of a "heather" type of fabric, and she bought a white cotton blouse to go with it. The blouse had a lavender ribbon that wound in and out of the sleeve and neckline edges. I wore that outfit as often as possible, and was sad to outgrow it. After that, I found that lavender was out of style, you could not find it anywhere. It is back. :)

Anonymous said...

My favorite color is anything purple or close to that, my Mom bought me a rose hair barrette which was purple with a pink rose in it with leaves as well, I wore that barrette in one of my school pictures when I was home-schooled though! I wouldn't anything but purple clothing though, I even a pair of purple tennis shoes and lavender crocs ( my Mom bought me the crocs and I've had the purple tennis shoes forever ) but I have outgrew wearing all purple lately though, I wear alot of pink and reds and other bright colors and dark colors though now and my Mom was glad when I outgrew the everything purple stage though, I do still get purple clothing as gifts from my sister. My sister's favorite color is yellow and mine was purple ( those were the colors of Ashland University, LOL- thats the town we grew up in which this University has taken over which is sad in a way since my brother's first house had to be torn down though ).

Alix said...

OMG! A photo of my thank you card published for the world to see! I'm flattered. I'm glad you got the lavender connection, I did that on purpose since the goat milk gift set you sent to my sister was lavender scented. But did you notice I even wrote in purple ink? I just had to go the extra fabulous mile for ya, Mary.

Thanks so much for the mention!

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Yes, I noticed. It was very pretty, and appreciated. :)