Monday, February 9, 2009

Back To Making Goat Milk Soap Today

Had a busy day today!

The weather was beautiful, perfect. Started the day out with some fog. When the sun started coming over the ridge this morning, the fog turned orange and pink. It was fantastic.

I wish this photo had turned out better! I filled this mint green hutch today in a local shop. It really turned out great. You cannot see the raffia, special tags and other things that added the special touch to the packages. I tell the shops I will design the packaging to fit their store, however, I love it when I have a placement (like today's) where I feel my design fits in like a charm.

This computer was on the fritz for most of the day today. I got it back online a 1/2 hour ago.

And I got back to soap production today. I am in the inventory process, restocking. Today was honey oatmeal and unscented goat milk soap.

The lotion shelves in my own shop are now empty. Lotion making is on the agenda for later this week. If you want to order lotion, however, please do so. I can have it ready in time for any shipment.

I feel good tonight. No back pain at all, so I am definitely on the mend. I have been active enough today to ward off stiffness.


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

the fog turned orange and pink.
talking about pink, click on Marie's photo taken from her back deck this morning

In the store, you got the whole cabinet for your items? that's awesome.

Amy said...

I don't wanna hear anymore about you being clumsy, LOL! Have fun soap making and lotion making;)

KathyB. said...

Your display would most definitely draw me in should I enter a shop and see it! The color does not show up as mint green on my computer, but still, very attractive and classy. I am so impressed with what you are doing and your enthusiasm for your soaps has really got me excited about marketing my wool products . Thank-you!

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

It is a good spot. The great thing about this shop is, even though there are 6 crafters (I am the only soap maker), you wouldn't know it when you walked through the door. It is done very tastefully.

LOL, Amy! I'll remember your orders!

Kathy, I hope you do move forward with your creations!

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

That is a beautiful display! Congrats on the space in the store and the nice display spot too!