Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday Super Bowl party... just two middle aged people putting
more winter pounds on in the middle section. Touchdown!! :)

This is about the only frozen meal we will eat. And somehow we like it too much!

About myself and father was in the Army. We travelled a lot. We were stationed in Indianapolis, IN, more frequently than anywhere else. So, I claim myself as a Hoosier girl.

After living in Indianapolis for most of my adult life, I became a Colts fan. I loved to go to the NFL games! I would go to work the next day with hardly any voice at all. It got to be very expensive, though. I either sat in the nosebleed section or I had tickets from work.

The best tickets were the pair that were given to me by a co-worker for a Christmas Eve game. We lost, I didn't care. I missed part of a family get-together because I revelled in sitting 4 rows above the home bench. I was in heaven.

The days of the NFL are way behind me. Oh yeah...but I strongly remember sitting behind the goal posts in the RCA dome, as the Steelers slap cheated the Colts to death. Sorry...that slipped out.

And which team actually grabbed my attention 20-something years ago? The San Francisco 49-ers! Yeppers! They were awesome!

The Cardinals and the Steelers, wow, I would have never dreamed that one up! We will not be watching the Super Bowl in our household. May your team win. :)

And may my waistline expand a bit more. I have cookies in the oven...again. I lost 12 pounds when kidding season fired up last year. Perhaps I will do it again! That's it...I am storing up energy for that event!


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

OK, so you think the DiGiorno's are good? Don't think we've ever tried those, just might though.

We're watching the SuperBowl, Bruce Springstein is on now. We wanted the Carolina Panthers in it. :-(

Amy said...

LOL Mary, we had the same type of meal as you but we had leftover East of Chicago pizza and my Mom made some yummy cookies and we had corn chips with refried beans mixed with cheese and salsa and some salsa too! And to boot it all I got a nephew before the game;)

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Joanna, we do like the DiGiorno's. We live between two towns, and can order pizza for delivery from the big D, however, their pizza is about 13.00 more expensive, and isn't nearly as good. You and I talked about how nothing in the restaurants, especially fast food, seems to taste all that good anymore. :)

Amy, congrats on the nephew delivery! He is a beautiful!