Saturday, July 11, 2009

Family Portraits-Shock Therapy

I have been thinking about my childhood a lot lately, summer seems to bring back a lot of memories. Looking for photos to share. There are not very many to be dug up, but I'll get the job done little by little.

So, today, to steer away from any prior topics altogether, and to add some humor, I thought I would share this hilarious photo of me and my sister and brothers (L to R, Robert, myself, Georgia, and John).

This photo was taken after my sister's high school graduation. So, it dates right at 21 years old.

Dig my big glasses! I thought those were the coolest! A boss at work, a really funny one, used to say she loved my Vogue glasses, but she pronounced it as Vog (bog) - ue (you). Hysterical! The round face, the perm, and there were more than likely combs in my wild hair. That was quite the style in 1988! We have all put on a few pounds (except me, I have lost a number, thankfully). And we now have either more grey hair, and some (not me) prefer to add blond to cover the grey. Tee hee. My sister will whack me for saying that!

Hope you all are enjoying your Saturday! I am...I am feeling very much better, still have a climb to go, but the sprint in the step is coming back. about some of your lovely past photos? Dare to share?


Alix said...

I will take your challenge! Just give me a little time to dig up a few photos.

LOVE the Vog-You glasses too! Your boss was almost as fashion forward as you, Mary.

That family portrait is the best. Was it taken during the full moon? Just wonderin. LOL.

Anonymous said...

How neat, I have a few photos that I could share but actually I have more than I few since I keep the photos in my room though, in 1988 I was only 6 years old.

Lomond Soap said...

lol, Mary, I'm loving the specs and that dress! You are brave to share that, there's no way I'm gonna do the same (way too scarey).

KathyB. said...

I see you and I shared the same excellent taste in eye-glass wear! And hair style. My big glasses and out of control hair pulled back with stylish can a girl get?

I too weigh a bit less than in those days, ( except for my anorexic years )but i am one of those who uses blond to help integrate the gray without tolerating the 'skunk look' for the next year or so.

It is fun to look back and see the old photos, and enjoy others' too!

Mary Humphrey said...

Alix, I am glad I did not have a mouth full of coffee to swallow...I LOVE the full moon theory!!!

Amy, no doubt you have photos. I am not that organized with photos anymore. I am one that needs to hire the photo person to organize everything. Wait...I think I'll let my kids do that some day. :)

Corrie, not too scared to show anything anymore. Brave, I just do not know. Had to giggle at way to scarey. I should have been scared, ha ha ha.

Kathy B., nothing wrong with blond. I quit about 7 years ago. Now I have natural frosting, yep, but mine grows in without the skunk effect, thankfully.

Okay, guys...I am waiting for you to be brave now!

rhymeswithplague said...

Top left of my blog shows me at 2. It's been all downhill since then.

I have no brothers or sisters to share with you. Bummer!

Twisted Fencepost said...

I'm not skeered, but give me time to dig some up.