Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Brown Bag Goat Milk Soap

Due to the popularity of the sale, and due to the clearance of 3.5-3.7 ounce soaps in the the shop (the next generation of goat milk soaps are chunkier), the Brown Bag Special will continue through April.

After a great phone conversation with a customer a few days ago about her choice of soaps, I wanted to clarify that you can contact me if you want to place a Brown Bag order that contains your preference, your scent or type of goat milk soap. The ad states that the special order will contain soaps of "my choice," but that is not set in stone. As always, I love to be of assistance, and will do what I can to provide what you might want or need, when available.

The Brown Bag special, can be ordered via a button at the bottom of my Soap Store page.

Have a great day!


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

that's a good offer

Alix said...

Mary, I have been enjoying my wonderful lilac soap and lotion like you wouldn't believe. Feels so wonderful on the skin, smell so delightful. I'm trying not to use it up too fast because I don't want to run out! How silly, since I'm sure you can keep me in the good stuff for the rest of my life.

Will any lilacs make the bag if I order again?