Tuesday, March 3, 2009

International Women's Day and Balance In Life

I have reflected on many things today. When I am tired, I have to think in a more guarded way, remain very focused, and prioritize my day that much more.

Women have, in my opinion, the unique ability to hold wisdom, and to be many good things. Many of us can multi-task, perform many jobs at once. And I am one of those. I love to have several projects at hand, it keeps life at an interesting level.

But sometimes we must remember to take care of ourselves, or we will not have the ability to take care of the things that we truly love to focus on.

My business goals were put on paper when 2009 began. I try to meet the goals daily, and on most days I do meet them. My personal goals, put on paper as well, have taken a step back, my social goals are right where I wanted them to be. I have spoken about balance and need to do so again today. I have several different bulletin boards, one houses keepsakes such as thank you cards. Another, the board that I looked at a while ago holds family pictures, goat pictures, dog pictures, a new truck picture, personal goals, business goals, and even a photo of my husband taken 30 years ago by his brother. All of these things can be parts of our often busy lives when we make sure there is a balance!

The balance consists of the important things in life: financial, physical, social, family, mental, and spiritual. My tune up and re-evaluation is on the way. It is time to stop and smell the roses, put all goals in gear, focus on what is most important in my life, and remain true to the woman that I am. You need to do the same! But remember, you are in charge of pampering you, with a balance! Take care of you!

Sunday is International Women's Day, a day where women across the globe celebrate women's economic, political and social achievements of the past, present and future. Perhaps some of these women made big waves, some made smaller ripples in the sea of life, and some were just as happy to make a difference without rocking the boat at all, and that is okay, but there is no doubt that every successful women (thank to you each one of them) has focused on the balance in her life from time to time! No doubt at all.

Happy Women's Day to each of you!


Stacey's Treasures said...

Love this post.
It is so true!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this post!

Alix said...

Thank you, Mary, and Happy International Women's Day to you too. Are those your pretty toes peeking out from the bubble bath?

Oh! I got my brown bag shipment yesterday. Thank you so much! I love my goodies.

Florida hugs.

Twisted Fencepost said...

I used to be very focused and balanced.
Not so much anymore.
Don't know what happened.
Thank you for pointing out that I need to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

No, not my toes. I am a queen clutz, if I were to take a camera into the bathtub, bye-bye camera.

Scooping the focus and balance back up, fitting the puzzle pieces back into a workable smooth placement, just needs to happen from time to time.

I love life, don't you? Somehow I even embrace the challenges.

KathyB. said...

This is a good reminder. Love the picture of the pretty toes peeking up out of the bubble bath.

I think this is the hard part for many of us, we really are needed by our family, and community. There is always the practical side of obligations, then of course should we decide to branch out into other endeavors...more time. And there are still only 24 hours in a day. Guess this is where prayer and contemplation for wisdom and discernment are a good idea.