Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Whipped Shea Butter

As you all know, I have had a mess of kids born these past couple of weeks.

During kidding season each year I develop a myriad of thoughts such as happiness, wonder (awe to mother nature), weariness, and if I do not watch myself, the grand feeling of being overwhelmed.

I like my patterns in life. I am not a person that likes to sit around, nor do I like to be bored, but I like my work to be in some sort of order.

When kids are born the pattern changes somewhat, especially when the cold weather brings forth a number of bottle kids. Soon, though, the patterns begin to fall into place again. This evening, with a warm breeze blowing through the barn, I sat in the near darkness and bottle fed the hungry kids. Despite the noise of the complaining grown goats (waiting for water buckets to be filled), I enjoyed the quiet with the kids.

During these few weeks each year another thing happens. I tend to not take such good care of myself. I do pay attention to the bare basics, such as bathing, sleeping and eating, but other things tend to go to the wayside, such as skin care.

Today I regained some of my old self. Right before dinner I worked in my shop, made a fresh batch of whipped shea butter. This batch has shea butter, olive oil, and a few other minor ingredients, including sweet orange essential oil for a touch of fragrance. Skin care is back on the agenda!

I plan to whip some jars up for customers, for the website. What types of scents would you like to see? I went all natural with this one, but I can add a fragrance as well.


Anonymous said...

How fun! Isn't it always that way during kidding season;)

Alix said...

Lilac please (and thank you).

I know kidding season is tough and demanding of your time round the clock, but I would give anything to bottle feed a baby goat. That's it Mary... I'm hopping the next flight to Ohio.

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Lilac, okay. LOL...Alix!

Amy, yes, always that way, even with the best laid out plans. But then you take a deep breath, and realize you have to enjoy quickly. They are not little for long.

KathyB. said...

First off, you and me both! I have almost completely ignored my skin but the cold weather has not and I am paying the price!It seems by the time I roll into bed I am too tired to do all the little things that make for better skin.

Second, your pictures of your products and the names are making me hungry! And I know I don't want to eat soap or lotion....

Third, guess I'll be visiting your web to order some lotion!What other scents do you have ?

Lomond Soap said...

Mary, your butter looks divine! I prefer only essential oils in body butters, because you don't need much to add fragrance I like to use some of the expensive oils ;-)
Hope you are looking after yourself today?

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...


Soap question - after curing, if the soap breaks off too easily, what do I need to do next time? What more of something did it need?

Alix said...

Yes Joanna! Gardenia (if not too strong) would be lovely.