Thursday, March 5, 2009

Strength and Happiness

I have been writing about goals, happiness, staying focused, and keeping a balance in life, amongst other things.

At times we are faced with unexpected challenges. Today's challenge is a good example.

One of my saanan does, Chandra, and I rode in the bed of the pick up truck last March, 55 MPH all the way, in an emergency attempt to rescue her badly tangled twins. Surgery was not required, and one of the twins was saved. All of us felt it would be a one-time occurance, never would Chandra have that same kidding problem again. However, once again today, we made an emergency run to the vet's office, this time it resulted in a C-section. Two huge bucklings and a very sore Chandra. And a Chandra that is now going to be retired.

Early this morning, as I realized that I could not fix the problem the doe was having, I calmly accepted that I had done my best. I then waited for good things to unfold. I put my mind in the right position to march forward and handle whatever was being dealt to me. This is the wisdom that I referred in my last post, this is the happiness in life that I referred to in another post. It is up to us how we advance in life, how much happiness we allow ourselves. It truly is.

At the vet's office I wanted to take names and phone numbers. There was a woman, probably in her mid 60's, that wanted to watch the C-section. I smiled as Dr. Junk, not the one performing surgery, asked the non-medical person if she wanted to watch the surgery through the glass. Dr. Junk smiled at me at one point, winked, and said, "Onwards and upwards." Yes, sir, you betcha'!

There was another women in the office with her "terrible 2's" boxer. I have 3. She and I talked about the economy, and how much we are learning, and how it really can be a positive thing (my post 2 days ago). We talked about Annie's Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps, and the getting down to sustaining ourselves.

No, it was not a good thing that poor Chandra had suffered, but it was good to know that there are people in the world that are human, good genuine people. People that did not care that I smelled like the barn floor, nor that I had blood and dried birthing fluids on my jeans, nor that I had on my most raggedy barn coat (that has to see the dumpster this spring), nor my mud packed muck boots.

We all make the best of things, and that is how we allow ourselves to be, and that is how we are successful in our own lives.

Remember to look for the good things in life, they are there!

By the way, the kid in the photo is one of my bottle kids this year. The middle-aged men across the road get together once a week to play old classic rock. They shake the ground. After we did our bottle feeding a few evenings ago, Bob scooped up one of the kids and took him to visit with the band. I heard the music stop. Bob said the cameras and laughter came out. The kid came back zipped up inside of the work overhauls, and I had to snap the adorable photo as his head came out!


Amy said...

I saw this picture on GC, I know how things can be when sometimes you don't have the energy to do anything;) but it was a gorgeous day today though!

Aunee said...

I just wanted you to know that I needed to read those words at this time in my life...."It is up to us how we advance in life, how much happiness we allow ourselves. It truly is."

Thank you for that....I have someone I need to pass those words on to....My Dad. He is ill and taking on too much family drama.....

I'm glad your mama and kids made it ok!! They sure are cuties!

KathyB. said...

So true and such encouragement! I am glad the goats are doing O.K.

It is amazing sometimes to find myself talking to people and finding there really is so much encouragement we can give each other, even grumpy store clerks and waitresses. A smile, a listening ear and a simple word of encouragement can change someones whole day.And an encouraging blog post can too! Thanks.

Twisted Fencepost said...

That picture is adorable.
You are right, there a definitely good people here with us. The challenge is finding them. With so many disrespectful and uncaring people is it really an encouragement to find someone who really cares about themself and others.

JK said...

Adorable photo Mary.

Sorry to hear about Chandra.

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Aunee, I hope your dad can grasp onto your words and begins to feel better.

Thank you for your comments. I gain a lot from listening!