Friday, March 20, 2009

Joy and Thankfulness

I am brimming with joy and thankfulness.

I am thankful for life itself. Life throws some very hard balls at us. Such as, my husband not getting the job he interviewed for several times (he found out today). My sister called with a piece of disappointing news as well. And life gets difficult with so much work. But I asked for the life that I have, and I love the life that I have. And so I take the responsibilities and I run with them. I strongly believe people make a lot of the lives that they have so very unhappy because they fail to recognize the good things that surround them! Life is beautiful in itself.

My husband asked me to join him on an electrical inspection today. It meant travelling for over an hour, south and east of us. I took a pic as we drove down the highway. It was an absolutely gorgeous day!

Before I let her out of her stall, I talked to Cammille this morning (a beautiful spotted nubian doe, dam to the spotted doeling in Tuesday's post). I used to call Cammille "Snake Eyes" when she was young because she would get an ornery look in her eyes and head butt every doeling that surrounded her, meaner than a snake! As I had my little conversation with Cammille earlier today, I asked her, "Can you give me a beautiful spotted boer cross doeling with your snake eyes?" She gave me exactly that! Such a bundle of joy.

I might have a long evening. Annie is heading into labor as I write this. I love it when life progresses. Today she did something surprising. After a number of years to her name, and 3 sets of twins under her own belt, she attempted to steal a bottle full of milk from me. Yes, I had to retrieve it. She definitely reverted back! When I got the bottle back, she turned around and nipped the bottle kid that I was feeding on the rear end! I am still giggling over that one! Nobody was hurt.

I try to remember the funny things that we have happen around here. I guess I should take notes. I could write books!

I still have not started the soap project that I discussed a few days back, but I'll get there. My plans just get better as I sit on them!


Amy said...

Good post and nice picture, don't you just love goaties, they're such ornery characters and all with different personalities, some of our girls have given what we wanted but in '07 they gave us mostly bucks though, 12 to be exact and 4 does that year since most of the does were stillborns which we've never had that many stillborns in one year before! Enjoy these gorgeous days.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Sorry about your hubby not getting the job. Maybe there is something better in store on down the road.
Cute post about the nipping!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I was hoping the soap business was doing well enough that your husband could just work at home. We are blessed to have good jobs but wish we could make a living at home.

KathyB. said...

You know, nothing beats getting outside and observing my sheep, goats and chickens for a sense of perspective on life and a bit of comedy. And your blog too, is a breath of fresh air and encouragement.

I will pray for your husbands' job search.....God does know our needs and desires...and with thankful hearts like yours, it must be a comfort for your husband too..