Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tractor Project Part Two

There is something about tractors that grabs my attention, almost as much as barns, especially old barns. An old tractor has history under its fenders. It might have helped to plow a field, clean out a dairy barn, or perhaps helped with the family farm chores.

This is the latest tractor project, a 1956 Massey Harris Model 50. Yes, I know all of that. How I went from my office position behind 4 walls to this wonderful life is beyond me, but I absorb everything I can get because I love it.

My husband was the "driver" of the tractor. She does not run, by the way. The prior tractor owner used the Bobcat to lead the old gal out (flat tires were sunk in the ground). She went up on our friend's trailer with ease.

I was going to make goat milk soap today, but I like to freeze the goat milk in one particular way, and I was not prepared. Tomorrow for sure!

Another tractor pic:


Anonymous said...

How neat and fun!

Jeannelle said...

Love your post! Rhymeswithplague sent me here. I live on a dairy (cows) farm in Iowa. I love old tractors, too. I can't wait for summer and raking hay with the old John Deere 630! In WARM sunshine....can't wait.

Funny thing...my husband has a trailer similar to yours, hooked up right now to our gray pickup (like yours) so we can go load up our college daughter's car which was wrecked recently. No one hurt in the accident, thankfully.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Is that sunshine? quit hogging it. If we don't get some warm sunshine soon, I'm gonna have a mental meltdown. Dreary skies and mud is all we have had.

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

I love to comment on comments left on my blog, and dislike it when I am so far behind...however...time cures all. Today I am catching up. :)

Thank you!