Sunday, March 22, 2009

Soap On The Sunday Menu

How about some pea or carrot soup?

After taking care of goats, and more goats, and kids, in a big way for almost a month, this afternoon I took a "me" day. We all need them. My favorite kind of "me" day is one when I do something that I enjoy, uninterrupted. Today was the perfect day, a soap day. Soap crafting is not work to me because I enjoy it so much.

The soaps are darker in color than I had intended, how about that pea soup soap with chunks of ham? Actually, it should lighten up, and should make for a pretty cutting tomorrow, with a surprise within the dark gold color. Instead of pea or carrot soup, it sort of reminds me of 70's carpet colors. I am glad I have a sense of humor!

Last night my 60-something year old neighbor came over and bought armloads of soap and lotion. He was like a kid in a candy store. He went from bar to bar on the curing rack, "Oh, I like that. It smells like it came out of a field! Do you have anything that really smells weird? How about that two toned soap?" The funny this is, he and I clicked in the soap shop. I need someone around just like him. Not that my husband isn't a big help, he is a tremendous help, but Bob cannot pick up on the scents like I can. Kellis really understood the combinations of scents and it was a world of fun to see him bopping around.

Annie has a problem. I have never had a respiratory problem in a grown goat, and she appears to have developed just that. I am going to start her kids on a round of bottles today, but keep the kids with her. They do not seem to be nursing, but I am afraid if I steal them away Annie is not going to get well. I'll accept the challenge. I work hard on kids that lag behind. Kids are such a blessing, animals are a blessing (to me). I always love this time period, after everyone has kidded (even though we are still not finished). Things slow down and the real enjoyment begins.

It is a beautiful spring day here today. Bob is working out in his wood shop. We both are suffering with allergies, but headed out to our shops to get some creativity in. He is cleaning up some old barn siding to make a rustic mirror frame.


Jennifer said...

Cool soap! I hope Annie is feeling better soon!

Peggy said...

You might want to try giving Annie 1cc of Ivermectin injection but orally. We had a grown doe with the same problem and when I called the NC Vet Hospital/School they suggested doing that because they said it sounded like lung worms. Most wormers don't get the lung worms but Ivermectin will if given by mouth. Thats all we use to worm with now and things have been doing great for 2 years so far.

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Peggy, I have used Ivermectin before, it is a great med (wormer) for that use. Thank you for the suggestion! I use Cydectin now, so I am leary of switching back to Ivermectin.

Jennifer, she is feeling better.

She definitely was slow, off feed, and raspy this morning. The Tylan 200 was up at the house, I opted to give her a dose of Pen G because I did not want to wait another moment. She is no longer raspy and is eating well. I hope it continues.

We had to milk her out this evening. Both teats plugged completely up. I did a mastitis test, twice, and found no indications of problems there.

I bottle fed the best that I could and now that Annie is feeling better, and talking to the kids again, wanting them to nurse, we hope we will see a successful restart.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I love the colors.

Glad Annie is better.

Anonymous said...

Lovely soap! Hope Annie girl feels better soon.

Lomond Soap said...

I like the colours - pea soup indeed!
Bet they look just fine when they're out.

Gioia Made Soap said...

Hi Mary
can''t wait again to see these lovely goatmilksoaps out of the mall.
Next week I will make a new lavender goat soap with also lime and teatree in it.
Very curious about the next photoshots!!

KathyB. said...

I am glad to read Annie is better. I spent Sunday working on weaving projects I have been wanting to do.

There are so many little and needful things to be done but I have finally decided that on Sunday afternoons I will take my nap and work on wool projects I thoroughly enjoy no matter how messy the yard or kitchen is.

Kind of restores the soul , doesn't it?

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Kathy, yes, it definitely restores the soul!

Gioia, I am looking forward to the unveiling. :)

Thank you, Amy and Joanna.

Alix said...

Hi Mary!

I love the pea and carrot soup soaps. You're right about the colors looking like the 70s shag carpets. It was gold and avocado everywhere you looked for a solid decade!

It's so cool that you consider a soap-crafting day a "me" day. Just proves you love what you do.

It's cool and overcast here today, so I'm catching up with my blog reading. Sorry I've been absent, but I just can't justifiy sitting inside on my rear when I could be outside enjoying the sunshine.

I have already been in the pool, and then we got this windy cool Nor'Easter that is hanging around. I don't like it one bit. Give me back my spring!

Glad at least one of us is having good weather.