Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Week's Reflections On A Sunday Morning

The fog is lifting and the sun is showing a lot of promise...promise for a beautiful Sunday, and a wonderful new week!

This has been a odd week at Annie's Goat Hill. So...I am going to do some ramblings here...a recap of sorts.

I was "off" by one day each day during the week. Somehow the holidays seem to do that to me. On Tuesday, of course I thought it was Monday. I worked on that thought all day on Tuesday. When the day started on Wednesday I thought it was Thursday. Ha ha! Working from home tends to do some of that too. Oh boy...but that is behind me (us) now.

We had problems with sick kids as well. There was a lot of humidity, rain off an on, no real closure to the dampness. It is dissapointing when you have a great kidding season, no loss of kids, and then you lose two just as they are near the weaning age. But, that is part of life on the farm. Had goat buyers on the farm yesterday, a good couple that come every year. They had the exact same scenario at their farm this week. Sort of knocks the air out of a person. It can be expected from time to time but it happens so quickly and helps us to remember how fragile these lives we care for really are.

I did accomplish a lot of soaping this week, but I need to do a LOT more! I am testing new recipes. Always a big job! Too soft, too hard, not conditioning enough, want good lather. Wave the magic wand, or add chemicals, and you might have it. But the magic wand is Mary, and Mary goes as natural as possible. I wouldn't have it any other way! When I placed my hands on my first bar of hand crafted soap many years ago I knew what I had, and I will continue to present it in that same fashion.

We had dinner with friends yesterday evening. Luise has Alzheimer's disease. Unfortunately she has really been progressing. She is becoming more quiet and her episodes of confusion seem to be growing worse. She has good weeks, but when the difficult times arrive they come in bunches. It is a very sad disease. I have learned a lot from being with her, and I feel blessed to be one that she trusts completely, but there is nothing very good that comes out of it. The good part is someone that I love that I can be a friend to, help whenever I can.

Last night the storms rolled through. When they announced the tornado warning I listening. Bob and I have been in one tornado, thankfully it was a small tornado that pulled us off of the road. But that was an experience enough! So, now I watch and listen. I do not freak out but I do not ignore. Anyhow, we lost power right at 9:00 PM. We tend to forget just how quiet it really is without the sounds of the refrigerator humming, or how dark it is without the lights on the barn, or in the church parking lot next door. It really is beautiful to only hear the sounds of the bull-frogs on the pond. But, yet, we are spoiled by electricity and want it back quickly. It arrived back after a couple of hours.

Today we are visiting with friends, probably going to work on the tractor project. And after we arrive back home for evening feeding, we are going to start the week off right, with rest.

Have a beautiful Sunday!


Hidden Brook Farm said...

Am sorry for your loss Annie, it is such a helpless feeling. Have fun with your friends today, sounds like you deserve a break!

DebH said...

Here is hoping you get a good Sunday Rest and next week goes better. Sorry about your loss. I am trying to get the gumption to wean today, and finding all sorts of excuses. Perhaps tomorrow!!??

SoapyChica said...

Sorry about those little kids Annie , that must be the very hardest part of it all. I like how you manage to find as much good in a situation as you can, hope you had a great relaxing day

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

I am glad I did not come across as a whiner.

As soon as something goes wrong in my life I begin to pray for the goodness in the situation. There is good even in the dissapointments. Sometimes it means we need to slow down, remember to smell the roses. Run the shop during the hours that we say we run it. Go out and enjoy the goats and sunshine in the other hours. Do something to remember what we should be always appreciating.

I hope next week goes better, too!

I have already made a goal. By the end of the week my wire curing rack will be full of soap. I am not allowed to leave one single space. Is that crazy? Probably! But, it will be quite the accomplishment, and will feel wonderful. I am sending a few more soaps to the website this week, so I have a BIG job to do, spaces to fill even more. And no storage allowed on the rack (no supply boxes, etc...), just soaps curing!!!

Thank you for your inspiring comments, and each one really does get read and thought through. :)

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

PREVENTION - Administer 1-1/2cc twice a day for one week. Then 3cc once a week until weaned.

Mary, my breeder, Kids Corral, suggested for me to use Di-Methox to prevent coccidiosis. I just ordered some from Hoeggers.

Sure hate to hear about ya losing kids.

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Joanna, Di-Methox is a great product. Always in stock in my goat supplies. I use the 40%, same product as 12.5% (just stronger), and you dose less.

Have you ever tried Jeffers Livestock? They have good prices on products and shipping. Shipping is right on target too. I never have to second guess when an order will be received.

Ann Hoegger is a good lady, I love to order dairy products from her (Hoegger Supply) now and then too.

Stacey's Treasures said...

It sounds like you had a busy week. I'm sorry about the kids. One year when I was in high school we bought a bunch of old ewes, they lambed O.K. but some of them had no milk to feed there baby's. We tried hard to keep them alive but they died with out there mothers milk.

KathyB. said...

How sad to lose the kids so very quickly, in the beautiful spring time...and to watch a friend lose her memory.....

Your Sunday reflections reminded me I too am off a day every time one of these holidays comes around.

Your soap making sure does seem to bring the creativity out in you, and I can almost feel your excitement through the internet!

Jennifer said...

I am sorry for your loss! It is always hard to lose them no matter how young or old they are.

Our internet service was finally fixed so I will be returning your email and hopefully catching up on things.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Beautiful foggy picture!
Sorry about the kids. Hate to hear it.