Friday, May 8, 2009

Goat Milk Soap Beginnings

Tonight I worked on packaging customer orders. It was hard to leave the shop. Yes, I take my time in the shop. I look at the soap, pick bars up from the curing rack, hold the end pieces from the batches in my hand, smell them, and I will admit, admire them as well. I try my own soaps out at the 2 week mark. I truly feel blessed when I carry that sliver out for trial.

Friends have recently asked me how I decided to make soap, and why goat milk soap?

This beautiful photo of a basket of handcrafted soap was taken in 2003. My soap company was named Grassypond Farms. I lived in a house on 42 acres, with a 2 acre pond, 3 horses, boxer dogs, 52 chickens, no goats, in an area called Grassy, MO. I had a website at that time, no storefront. I sold a lot of soap to locals, antique stores, florists and craft malls. The soap did not contain goat milk.

I am going to push the fast forward button to quickly arrive at today, and I promise to tell more stories later. You might be stiffling a yawn, or even holding your eyes open with tooth picks, if I tell you everything in one blog post!

I have loved soap since my younger days, about 8 years old is when I first crossed paths with a bar of handcrafted soap. In fact, on a school field trip I bought an old fashioned soap ball. It was primitive, and I was in love. Fast forward through the youngster years, I collected soap. Yep, a shoebox of soap in my bedroom! Fast forward through the young adult years, every book I could possibly borrow from the Indianapolis Public Library system on soap making, perfumery, aromatherapy, was read thoroughly by me. Fast forward to 2003. I had a wonderful basement, about 1400 square feet, and suddenly realized that I had the space and the time to begin my soap making endeavor. I taught myself the in's and out's of crafting cold processed soap (the process that I use, more on that later), via. the internet and all of the reading that I had done. The stories I will be telling about the soap molds and batches of soap that hit the trash can, oh was a trial for a while. Thank goodness I had a husband that wanted to help make it all come together. He was very creative with the building of the molds.

It was not until 2008 (late bloomer in the thinking aisle on this one) when I discovered the wonderful benefits of including fresh, rich goat milk in my soap. wow!!!

I am hooked, addicted, and all about fresh goat milk soap from the farm.

That is the end of my story for tonight. I will continue this later.
Ask questions...I love them!

Happy Friday!


KathyB. said...

I can attest to the nice soaps you make! I sent a bar home with guests from England ! Your soap makes great gifts too.

I always like to hear how people find the one thing they LOVE doing, and go for it....waiting for more of your story.

Arnita said...

I too, love Goat's Milk soap! But my path took me by way of MP first. Now that I have tried CP, I will try Goat's Milk. I have more people ask for it NOW, than any other.

Keep spreading your love and they will come to enjoy also!

DebH said...

I do understand the passions!! I jump around a bit with mine, but when I made my first gorgeous batch of goat milk soap and I handed them out to visitors, sisters, and coworkers, I realized after I had been using it a while that I better realize I am making it for me too!! It is addictive and so elegant in the bath. I wish there were some descriptive words that a person could relate when you lather up!!
I envy you, that you knew your dream so I seem to find a new one every day!!

Jeannelle said...

Thank you for sharing the history of your love of soap! How wonderful that you latched onto an interest like that when you were young and are still involved in it!! That's truly following your dreama and your instincts. Very inspirational.

Jeannelle said...

I'm excited.....I just ordered your brown bag special! Can't wait!

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Thank you, Kathy.

I loved animals early on as well. I used to visit the zoo and lock myself in the petting area. And guess where I spent most of that time? With the goats. Never thought about owning one at that time. I thought horses were absolutely the most beautiful animals I could set my eyes on. I am not an artist, but I would dream as I drew animals (horses, cows, dogs, cats).

Deb, I cannot do everything that I want to do. So some things I have to let go. I had dreams of a nice big garden this year. Not sure that is going to take place again. Isn't it great to be happy? I love it.

Jeannelle, I received your order! I will fix it up good!:)

Arnita, you make beautiful soap. Not sure what I am spreading, but I'll take the "love" that you described. I just enjoy what I do in life.

Heidi said...

I would say I'm envious of all you have, but that's not completely true. As much as I would love those things I'm really happy with what I have for the moment. As my kids grow older its something I really look forward to =D

Thanks for sharing!

BT said...

I must get some of that lovely soap. Would you post to Ireland? How do I order it? I was intereste in your story and how you came to love goats and soap!