Sunday, May 3, 2009

Time For Yourself

As I cut the loaves of soap that I made yesterday into bars this morning my thoughts were on writing, sharing my thoughts with friends.

I am in the middle of making bottles, heating milk, but feeling compelled to "chat" first.

This is a busy time in many of our lives, and the "experts" say we will get even busier unless we deliberately make time for ourselves.

Some of us are older, some younger. But I personally remember a house with one phone. A phone that hung on the kitchen wall. And it had a dial, not buttons to push! That phone did not fit in a pocket, nor did anyone expect that phone to be answered every hour of the day, each day of the week. Nor did that phone have voice mail.

I personally love the connections that we have during this period of time, but sometimes we need to be disconnected. I really am not into catchy phrases, I pretty much march to my own drumbeat. One phrase that I truly did not understand was "me time." What???? It sounded very self-centered to me. that I understand the phrase more I will attest full-hearted that we all need me time! Me time is time without the pulling of committments, down time without the phone, without the computer, time to just do the things that makes our heart smile.

Yesterday, for me, it was making soap and mowing the grass. I felt like a teenager! Those are wonderful days!

Do not get me wrong, I love my friends, I love the connections, and there are too many people to count that I have to hear from every day (in one shape of connection or another). I do not feel complete without the connection of those people, BUT, and that is a huge but, we all need time without a tug or a pull. That is me time, and we do all need it for our own mental health. And remember yourself as newer technology continues to slide your way. You can say no. You can shut it off from time to time. I believe effectiveness stems from a balance in life. Try to be all, do all, and you lose yourself as the human being with a lot of worth you are!

The soaps that I cut this morning (above) are: spa salt bar (citrus blend), summer melon (muskmelon green and white), and a stress relief type of scent (citrus, light patchouli and others) with a slight violet marble. More on the scents once cured!


Lynnanne said...

Ah, I know what you mean. We've gotten rid of our cell phones. When I'd go to have a conversation with my kids (both under age 18), their eyes would be on the cell screen reading text messages; their fingers would be moving a mile a minute responding, and all the while they'd swear they were hearing every word I said. ha.

We're taking a step backwards around here. I remember those phones you mentioned -- and party lines! And busy signals!! We've got those again too! I took away the call waiting, and all those "high tech" features. We've also unplugged the cable TV. All in an effort for some "me" and "us" time. There's really nothing wrong with living a life from which we came. My kids will eventually get used to that busy signal on the phone, and not being able to talk to 3 friends at a time without being face to face.

We now have a couple rabbits, and chickens. I think there's something to be said about having to take care of others -- opposed to always having to be taken care of. :)

Danny said...

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Lomond Soap said...

Mary, as always you talk a lot of sense. "Me time" (although I also don't like the term)is important! We are all pulled in so many directions, busy busy lives are no good for the body & soul. I admit I neglect "me", I am the last on a long list of people/things I put first. Perhaps that should change.
Thanks for posting this, you made me think :)

KathyB. said...

Ahhh...I just spent Sunday doing pleasing things around here without the nagging deadlines and phone calls hanging over my head. I also took time to just watch my flocks , smell the flowers ( literally) and clean ( that makes me happy ). When I do this once in awhile I remember the joy of everyday blessings and your post shows you do too. We should have a national celebration of UNPLUGGING or PUTTING AWAY THE PHONE day!

The soaps are lovely!

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Unplugging and putting the phone away day! Can you imagine the outcome, Kathy?!

Lynnanne, that sounds good to me! You didn't just talk about it, you did it in your household.

I realize that parents and children feel more safe now with phones in their children's pockets in school. But I am not sure they are a wonderful idea. Is the constant contact healthy? Are the kids growing independantly and learning as they should? The phones are a convenience on one hand. The texting is what gets to me more than the phone conversations. How do kids text when driving down the road? I have seen the sad results from that. I cannot dial my phone while driving down the road, even those particular numbers that I have on fast dial.

I guess I should just stop here now...I could have a new chapter in the comments section. I can definitely see the pros and the cons!

My biggest concern is the "down time." It is needed. And it does lead to rejuvination. The mind clears and the small things are appreciated. Turning the television off is another...but I will stop here.

Hello Corrie! Glad you took a break from setting up for the fair. Cannot wait to hear how you do!

Jeannelle said...

Excellent thoughts! My own time becomes more important as I get older.