Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Goats and Hay

Bonnie, my largest and oldest alpine says, "Mom, put that thing away, it is time to feeeed ussss!"

The alfalfa is receiving its first cutting in our area this week. Boy, does it look nice. I will receive my new bales some time around Thursday or Friday.

The Mennonite man that we purchase our hay from has been very apologetic because the 16 bales that he had remaining this week was not the usual alfalfa rich mix that I normally purchase from him. He did well, though. When I asked him last fall if he could supply me all winter, he answered, "I believe so." He did...wow...right on the nose.

My goats are spoiled. I supplement them with good hay and a once a day grain (the girls on the milk stand are grained twice a day). Throw the "bad" hay to them and they instantly come to the fence hollering for something else.

They have been a pushy and picky crew this week, not real settled. Not at all. Soon girls and boys, soon, remember, patience is a virtue! Actually, most of the bucks do not care. It is the does creating the scene!

I love this photo of Bonnie, taken a few moments ago as well. But darn, we didn't get the chin in the photo. She is a big, big gal!

On to feeding now...busy on the farm today!


DebH said...

I love this post!! Everyday stuff and I hear you on the girls who just aren't...settled. Noticed that last night, while everyone has their daily Goat Chow and a gorgeous bale of alfalfa in the feeder. Boys are just lounging around without a care in the world!! Girls just mewing about looking for some excitement. Too Funny!!

Anonymous said...

Silly goaties!

Jeannelle said...

The alfalfa-cutting in your area is about a week or two ahead of ours. I hope your weather cooperates for good baling. Its fun to hear about the goats' behavior.