Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The original pledge to myself was to never miss a day of blogging. Hmmm...I have broken my own pledge. 10 lashes with a wet noodle...not!

I remember reading a soaper friend's blog one day. She had not blogged for a week, and then she wrote (to the effect of), "My mother said to get busy making soap. She wants to see soap progress, not blog progress." Sorry for dropping the soaper's name, I have a number of wonderful soaper friends and the quote sticks in my mind, but not the name that goes with it!

Recently I have made great efforts to build the soap and lotion stock up. It is a must! As my best friend said to me, "You need to fill that warehouse!" Yes, sir!

Fill...fill...and fill...but I do miss writing.

All good things in their own time...patience.


Lynnanne said...

Understood! Had I made better plans, I would have driven over this past Friday to have a look in that goat milk store of yours! I have been talking up your soap, and my aunt suggested the drive, but things didn't work out -- this time. :) My bar of soap is just about gone and I'll be in withdraw soon enough! It's too bad the internet doesn't have a scratch and sniff option... I'd love to smell some of the soaps you have, thus, a road trip is on order. Hopefully, it will be sooner than later. I'll be heading to Montana in July and hope to have a bar or two to take along as part of a 'thank-you' to the gal we'll be staying with.
Keep the lather!

Amy said...

I understand completely! Since June is going to be a very busy month for us, LOL, we have something every weekend in June except one weekend though that isn't completely filled up!

Jeannelle said...

We all miss a day or two of blogging now and then.

KathyB. said...

Just glad you blog when you're able. Gotta make those soaps and lotions and take time to not only tend your goats but ENJOY them! Sometimes something has to give way, better blogging than more important endeavors.

Alix said...

Double understood. Our company last week put me behind reading, writing, and commenting on ye old blogs. I'll get caught up, but oy! It's like coming back from vacation to a pile of backlog.

At least you're making soap. I was drinking wine. Not quite as productive.