Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Beautiful Start To The Week

I love Sunday's.

As a child I insisted on Sunday School (SS), even if the rest of the family were going for donuts. Our building was seperated by miles from the "adult" church on the Army base. I loved SS, and even Vacation Bible School. Each and every Sunday I am reminded of those days. Carefree and filled with a warm beginning to the week!

I finally changed my calendar to June this morning. What a fantastic photo taken by Lynn M. Stone. I have seen several pieces of her goat photography. This one is simply beautiful. LOVE the colors!

The photo was difficult to take. Why? Notice the dark ring around the edges? Twice this week I dropped my camera on my shop floor, which is concrete. The zoom lense no longer focuses in and out as it should. So, temporarily, I will take close up photos of soap (the photo taken on in Introspection post below was one of them) with the broken camera, and distance photos with my old digital camera.

Anyhow...I did fill every single curing rack in the shop this week. I do not have a lot of racks. I probably need more. At one point during this past week I decided that just setting the goal of making more soap was not going to work, I needed to see measurable results. I did.

This week I am focusing on upping the production of goat milk lotion, creating shampoo bars (especially rosemary for Lynnanne). Non-business related, I need to get caught up on the lawn and weeding before the weather pattern brings the rain and storms in later this week.

But today, God's command for a day of rest, that is exactly what I am going to do. I am going to relax, visit with friends this afternoon, come back home and relax again.

Please, enjoy your Sunday!


Anonymous said...

I just got back from church conference with my Mom and a friend from church yesterday!

Jennifer said...

I love that picture, the goat in the sunflowers..just beautiful! Congrats on reaching your goal!

Arnita said...

I am so glad that you relaxed today. After the week you put in, you need it.

I am so glad all your racks are filled. Busy, Busy. Keeps the mind young!

KathyB. said...

Oh yes! Sunday school on Army Bases. My sisters and I caught the Sunday School buses faithfully wherever they were offered. ( our 'school bus' in Scofield Barracks , Hawaii was actually an Army Transport TRUCK ! )

The real trick to fulfilling my goals for my home business rests in managing all the demands the upkeep of our gardens, home, and flocks require, plus the needs and privileges of having family and the activities involved with them . Time spent with them is priceless and cannot be reclaimed, but this does consume a lot of time. I am needing to be realistic about this , and take into account.

It is right and good you took time to rest and relax Sunday,does the heart and soul good. And your friends and family too!

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

I am glad too, Arnita. It was a lot of work, but I got the job done. Now I feel I can move forward and keep the progress up!

Kathy, funny how we shared in the SS. You knew exactly what I was saying. I still have my SS pins. I was proud of those things as a child. I cannot remember what we did to earn them, but I loved to receive them.

It sounds like you are in a period of growth, with including a newer responsibility into your life. I believe, over time, you will find a peaceful path, one that fits the bill for all.

Lynnanne said...

Ahhh, bring on the rosemary! :)) Let me know when it's finished...
have a great week!

Jeannelle said...

A shampoo bar sounds interesting. Don't work too hard....with the soap-making and yard work, you certainly are busy.

Gioia Made Soap said...

Love your curing rack :)))

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Thank you!

I am moving soaps off of the rack at some point this weekend. That means I need to make and move more batches onto it.

I am practically out of room in the shop. The husband said, "We might have to give you storage on my side of the shop." Oh boy. Then I can move in more curing racaks.