Monday, June 29, 2009

Water, the Sustainer Of Life

We all know about water. Our bodies, without me looking the exact numbers up, are probably comprised of 95% water (if not more). All living life depends upon water.

Now to my story...

We bought a farm, not known to us, with a low water table. We generally have enough water for livestock, and then we conserve some for our own use.

We burned up a well pump recently because we had done so much laundry (from kidding season, winter, etc...). So, we installed a brand new pump, water a-plenty. But now?

Last night, an hour after I returned from the barn and cooled off (it was nearing 100 degrees), I began to prepare for dinner, no water. I knew, just knew, something was amiss. An hour later, no water. By then the water should have regenerated itself.

This morning, no water.

When I went to the barn to feed this morning I found the hose on the ground and a water spigot turned on. Yes, a goat had worked the handle up and away from the spigot. It had ran all evening and all night.

Bonnie sure was proud of herself, especially the spot on her head worn down to the skin. Guess what Bonnie's famous trick/line/title is, from her prior owner? "Back Rub Bonnie." Yes, she gives some serious back rubs. Plant your feed on the ground, space them apart, because when you get a back rub you need to retain your balance. Apparently she did a major back rub on the spigot, enough to move the handle up and allow the water to flow.

Is the well pump okay? I really do not know yet. It is working, but it will take quite some time to know if we are going to have to spend the bucks again for a replacement. The good news is, we do the job ourselves. It is still very costly.

There is now a lock on the water supply at the barn. No head rubs will ever move that arm again.

Life on the farm...tee hee...
By the way, as I wrote this blog post I looked up the water composition in a human body, 60%.


DebH said...

Never fails..just when you get a step ahead...someone throws you a curve! Good Luck, water is priceless in our area too. Would love to drill to an endless supply of cold clean water, but I fear it would take a drill the span of the earth to reach it.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Naughty girl!!
I hope everything is okay with the water situation.

Christy said...

Being on a well I worry about water a lot. We do have 300 gallons stored up in a cistern, but that wouldn't last long in an emergency.

Pamela said...

Exactly as Deb said, it's always something isn't it? Guess that's what makes life in the country so exciting and fun!

Here's hoping your water recovers!

Alix said...

Whoops. What an enterprising little goat. Reminds me of the YouTube video of the cat continually flushing the toilet. Funny - except when when you can't pay the water bill and everyone is thirsty.

Love your blog Mary.

KathyB. said...

And just how many back rubs will it take for Bonnie to repay the damage done ? I know all about wells and pumps. Our major project this summer will be replacing our pump house AND the pump, it is very worn out and I am hoping to do this before the pump quits on it's own!

Hope the pump is fine and dandy! With the heat you're experiencing you don't need that irritation, dairy goats need so much water themselves, let alone you and any vegetation you hope to keep alive!

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

It is comical, absolutely is.

Wish there were some magical way to show a reservoir under the ground to ensure a newly dug well will have plenty enough water. I would pay extra just for that peace of mind! The school and church next door have no problems. The neighbors 1/4 mile further down the road have tremendous water problems.

And, Bonnie, the big old gal did a good one, didn't she? She is my largest dairy goat. She has a mind of her own. The other day I had to fetch her. She didn't want to come to the milk stand. Up the hill I went, and back down I went, with her collar under my fingers. She tried to pick up speed. There was no slowing her down. I had to stop, wait a moment, walk again, and once the speeding train picked up again, I would stop again. She is a mess. I cannot imagine showing her, ha ha ha. Her prior owners did.

Jennifer said...

Oh no! They sure can come up with new and interesting ways to get into trouble can't they?