Sunday, June 21, 2009

Organization is Working

How is everyone? I am fine, great, happy...even though I still cannot arrange the photos within my blog again today...I am being tested!

I worked today...yes...I know, it is Sunday. The husband went to visit his tutor for assistance with an exam that he is re-taking this week and I decided to catch up a bit more in the soap shop while he was out.

I love the photo of the new Yuzu fragranced goat milk soap. I think my phone took a good shot of it. I took a new mug shot for the lotions. I'll work on it again. Gone are the kraft labels. As much as I would have liked to make them work they simply had no stickability (I made that word up, it might exist though). Uh huh.

Lotions are my focus this week. Even though I leave the lotions on the website, they never show a back order, I can tell you, especially this week. I was sold out! Very few bottles remained. But I like 'em fresh, so that is how they go out whenever I cannot replinish the entire supply. goal is to have the supply completely refreshed by Wednesday, all 10 scents.

I have been doing some cleaning and organizing as well. See the planner on the desk? It is working! The corner in the photos is my shop "office" so to speak. I have a real office in the house, where I am sitting now. I am considering moving my old PC into the shop so I can hook up an unused printer for labels. But...I am sort of (hmmm) out of room. The husband has suggested that I begin using a part of his wood shop for storage. He says he is going to have to build a new building. Nooo...nooo....and noooo.

Since I took you for a visit into the shop today. I thought I would show you what I was listening to as well. The CD is called Church In The Wildwood, Volume II. I think it was put together specifically for the Cracker Barrel stores. There are no vocals, the instruments are: hammered dulcimer, autoharp, guitar, fiddle and mandelin. Beautiful! Peaceful. I listen to many different kinds of music. If you knew what I was playing in my truck this week you would think I was reverting back to the early 70's. So I will leave that up to your imagination.

Is anyone else having problems with posting photos, specifically when you post more than one, does Blogger still allow you to move the photos within the post? Starting yesterday I have not been able to. It looks rather dorky to me to post 3 or 4 photos in a row with no verbiage. But that is what I will do until I get the problem resolved.


Arnita said...

So glad things are working out for you. I am still "organizing". Some days are better than others. I have a goal...July 15th. I would like to have most of the house done by then. (Just a date I picked.)

Christy said...

I've never had much luck moving pictures in blogger. I always load all the pictures first then put the words in around them. For the last month, blogger has been loading my pictures in reverse order. So I have to pick the last one first and work backwards. Now that get confusing!

Vickie said...

Looks like you've been busy. What does your new fragrance smell like? I've never heard of it! I'm still enjoying my lotions and soaps. I've been hiding it from the rest of my family. My, aren't I stingey?

KathyB. said...

You are an inspiration, I have begun to re-organize my work space and finally decided to chuck some craft items and paraphernalia I will probably not use, and begin to be much more selective of what to spend my time doing.

I have not had the blogging problems you have ,hope you get that frustration figured out very soon!I add my pictures as Christy does, because I have tried being creative with my picture arrangements and that has many times led to frustration and and I ended up deleting the posts every time.

I love the lotion I got from you and it soaks right in to my skin and it is soothing without being greasy ....and smells nice too.

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Vickie, I do not blame you for hiding your little stash of goodies!! You had better hide it all good! :)

Kathy, the clutter just will not help get the job done. I am working my way through the shop, the supplies, the products, and the list of things to do. Paring down can be very productive. It leads to being able to think, and more creativity.

Okay, you guys have me convinced to try another route. Next time I post I am going to add one photo, write, then another photo, and see if I can back into the next post. I used to be able to work from top to bottom, perhaps now I have to work from the buttom up!? I'll give it a whirl.

Alix said...

Hey chica! I got my brown bags today. Thank you thank you thank you. Larry brought in the box and said only two words: "Goat Soap." But he was smiling, so all is well.

I LOVE the clear logo lotion bottles! So pretty. When did you convert from the brown "medicine bottles?" I like the new bottles... they look more commercial and feminine for our fou-fou vanities.

Thanks again for all the amazing soap. You are single handedly keeping the smartest women on earth squeaky clean and smelling sweet.