Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Weekend Tractor Project Part III

The old gal is starting to receive a new coat of paint, one section at a time. This is her instrument panel. The old Massey Ferguson red sure is a nice hue, not too bright, a beautiful deep cherry type of red.

New gauges await the instrument panel. We will need to let the panel sit for several days now, since it was just painted today.

The faded gal is going to love her new red!

It was good visiting with our friends today. We have been busy for a number of weekends. My husband has been studying, I have been working in the soap shop, and it has been too hot to throw open the garage doors (even though our friends have air inside the shop). Today we enjoyed our great friendship once again!

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Jeannelle said...

Fascinating photos, Mary! Yes, that is a very nice shade of red. Interesting to see the instrument panel shell and to see the gauges that will go in.

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

I love it, Jeannelle. I love seeing the old return to like-new. I love the history of the old tractors, even when we really do not know the history, we know years of the service is there between those wheels. They have character.