Saturday, June 27, 2009

Folded On The Boxer Raising

From an earlier endeavor...this is my boy, Spike.

My 5 year old boy weighs in at 90 pounds. A big one. I know how innocent he is. He would kill you upon contact...kill you by means of licking. I have heard him growl once, perhaps bark the trash truck. You know, that big machine that puts mankind at risk?

Spike is quite the snorer, Even when awake, you always know when he is around. My sister says, "Get that boy some sinus medicine!" He is loud. When he lays down he sounds like the air brake being released on a semi truck.

We think there is nothing between Spike's ears, empty headed. He just hangs around. His favorite things in life are tomatoes and apples (just like his late father, Samson). Forget the steaks, my boy is happy with the healthy stuff. And guess what he has to have done every single night? Mom is required to rub him right between his eyes. The natural sleeping pill. The big head and neck just sinks down. The eyes go dull. Down he goes. Hilarious.

Years ago I wanted to raise boxers. I still have 3, but I no longer breed. It is a huge responsibility. I had nice puppies, large litters, good sized pups, beautiful boxers but...after carefully raising two sets of litters, 20 puppies total, I decided to stick with goats. Puppies are a lot of work! And I tend to get too attached to them.

Spike is from our first litter.

Here is Spike at 4 weeks old, always weighed in 3 times more than his litter mates.

And again, below with his father at an even younger age.


SoapyChica said...

Oh I cant believe how cute he is!! He looks like he just remembered something-and then forgot it again! I love boxers! They always come and sit on my knee :)

KathyB. said...

Spike is magnificent! That is a perfect word description for him!

Our Lab, grandfather and father to the labs we now have, used to go to our orchard every morning in the fall and PICK his daily apple. No windfalls for his, he had to pick his apples.

I too used to raise puppies. AKC Labs. Puppies , properly raised, are a lot of work. Fun, but a LOT of work. My breeding dogs are retired pets....and remind me every day of our first Labs. (which makes me happy with the end result of my breeding doggies)

Incidentally , that big old apple picking Lab died young of kidney problems I now believe were caused by his eating the grapes, lots of grapes! Google that and see how detrimental it can be!

Alix said...

Frst of all... "Spike" is the cutest name ever for a dog. And it really suits your guy.

We are small dog people (mostly just for convenience), but I do love Boxers so much. They just have sweet faces and awesome sleek conformations. Perhaps a bit slobbery, but really great dogs.

Augie sends happy woofs to Spike.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

He's a beautiful boxer.

We have a pair of Irish Terriers, high energy!

Twisted Fencepost said...

He's a cutie!
Those flat nosed dogs are terrible snorers. I had a boston terrier that would keep you awake at night.

Anonymous said...

Awwww he is sooooo cute! He is lucky he has a GREAT home with you : )

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

He is quite the chump, funny that he got a post written about him. I fell asleep early last night. He was flat up against me until the hubby came to bed, pretty comforting, the big fellow.

Jennifer said...

He is gorgeous and what an adorable face!

Lynn said...

I happened upon your blog while looking for a new goat's milk soaps to try...Imagine my surprise to see a few fantastic Boxer photos.

The beloved (female) Boxer of my childhood had markings much like Spike's father. She She actually was quite clever, and fun in a less childish/mischievous way than some. And she loved all of us in such different ways.

Thank you for the Sunday afternoon memories and smiles.