Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday's Dairy Goats and Sheep

Dairy goats and sheep? Wait a minute...that looks like a kitten to me. My apologies, my better camera is out of order. Pictures today are delivered via my phone and my old "bad" digital camera. But not so bad that we turn kittens into dairy goats and sheep.

Do you think these two could pass as future Mr. Yellow Tom's? Mr. Yellow Tom loves to rough house with one of these look-alikes already.

Nothing like a good old kitten fight. This is what I see and hear when the goats are not mulling around.

Moving on to the feeding of the boer goats. Dusty (a lovely boer/alpine) always needs a good head rub.

Moving on to the milk stand. Chandra the saanan says, "Hey, you have my let me go dive into the hay with my buddy Cammille."

And Cammille the nubian says, "You have my milk too...hold on Chandra, wait for me!"

And after everyone is milked out, and the final (2) bottle kids are fed, and the goats are humming and crunching happily on their hay, bedded down for the night...up the barn driveway the goat lady goes...toting warm goat milk back to the house on the hill...reflecting on her many blessings.

And what does the goat lady find when she enters the house? Visitors? There are two new sheep, Wee Little Sheep, beautiful Nativity Sheep on the kitchen table.

The beautiful sheep pair arrived on Friday in a postal box decorated in sheep photos, marked fragile. These beautiful sheep are indeed fragile, beautifully made from clay and covered with lambs' wool, lovingly handmade by Kathy. Sent to my Ohio home, chosen as winnings from being a commenter on Kathy's blog, Spot On Cedar Pond.

Not only was the shipping box beautifully decorated in photos of Kathy's wonderful Jacob Sheep, Kathy also added some additional personal touches. A stunning handmade card arrived with the package, displaying the yarn that Kathy so lovingly crafts (from shearing her sheep, to spinning and dyeing the yarn). With some beautiful spun strands of lamb's wool threaded through the card. I keep repeating the word beautiful, it really was awesome!

Now I will show you the gorgeous "decorating" of the shipping box!

Kathy is a good friend, an inspiration to me. She is one of the women in my life that have kept me on my toes, in faith. I look for her daily blog inspirations. I hope you visit Kathy's blog as well, and please do not forget to visit her Etsy shop either, where you will find her wonderful lamb's wool creations, Cedar Pond Wool Craft.
Have a relaxing Sunday evening!


KathyB. said...

Mary, I enjoyed visiting "the goat Lady's " goats, kittens, and seeing the home the wee little sheep are living in now! Thank-you so much for your kind, kind words! I am very glad you are pleased with them, and after all, Agnes must have known , she rolled her egg into your square!

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Agnes is one smart hen. And I hope everyone will go and read your blog coverage on how Agnes chose the winner! It was very unique!

Alix said...

Wait a minute. You got those Nativity Sheep for free?

I want them!

How wonderful and dainty and amazing. I am rushing to Spot On Cedar Pond to see if I can get me some too. (Kathy, they are beautiful. Nicely done!)

Oh yes... and the kitten photos? Made me melt. I do so love the kitties.

Hope your weekend was the best, Mary. Thanks for another thoughtful and fun post.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

do the kitties get some of that warm goats milk? The navitity sheep are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

LOL at this post!

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Alix, they are beautiful.

Funny, isn't it, Amy?

Joanna, yes, when there are kittens and mommas they get treated with warm goat milk. They are a spoiled barn cat bunch.

Christy said...

What cute kittens! I haven't had kittens for 3 years. The sheep are beautiful.

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Hello Christy! You know, I was beginning to think we were not going to have kittens again this year.

I have not told the story yet about how confusing it was. Both mother cats had kittens at once. I did not know it. The one mother hid the kittens in a new location. Well, they went missing again and when they started emerging they magically changed colors (slightly). Soon it became obvious to me what had happened. Two litters. And again, both mothers nursed both litters. Two yellow striped, two black striped, and two black.