Saturday, June 20, 2009

The First Day of Summer - Tomorrow

Having Blogger problems. So, I decided (just for today) to leave the photos where they are and leave the writing where it is at! I am NOT going to fight it today.

I am not one that likes to complain about weather, nor do I like to make it a point of conversation everywhere that I go. I know it is hot for many of us, but somehow I just had to share. Photo taken in my truck on my way back up to the house from the evening feeding (20 minutes ago).

This is Ohio, pretty much north, and tomorrow is the first day of summer, so what gives with 93 degrees?

I love summer, dearly, dearly love it. I love heat. I do not like cold. I appreciate heat. Can I say that again so I will convince myself? I love heat.

We do not have central air. We cool the back of the house (where we lounge and where we sleep) with a large window unit. The front of the house (including the kitchen, this office, and 3 other rooms are not cooled). I have a ceiling fan in here with me. Ha. At night I love to hear the frogs and I love the fresh air. Seldom do I want the windows shut.
Yesterday I changed the ink in one of the printers. The page kept smearing afterwards. I began to think I had a bad ink cartridge. Hmmm...guess what the problem was? Humidity. The paper was bunching up. Uh huh...good clean crisp white paper taken right out of the ream. Crisp? NOT!!

I am summer gal, though. Give me 6 months of summer. I will take it. Just tell me the animals and world will not suffer from such a drastic change first. pic. Remember the tiny little rose plants I bought for 2.99 each? One is going to bloom! I have had beautiful roses in the past, not at this property. By the looks of this bud and the growth that I am seeing in all of the plants, I think I found a good spot for a rose display.

I did not put out a large garden this year. I need to rethink my kidding season timing next year because I need to work freezing and canning into my schedule. I miss those tasks. They give me peace a joy. As I sprinkled plant food amongst the beds today I saw 6 new green tomatoes. I need a big garden again. Did I ever tell you who taught me how to can? My husband. When we first married he converted a small "barn" in our yard, with loft to a summer kitchen for me. It was complete with a propane range, a small wall A/C unit, a table to work with, and storage for the canned goods. Nobody taught him how to can, he taught me out of memory from watching his mother when he was a child. Amazing.

I worked in the soap room for a while today. It is heated, cooled, very well insulated (put together better than this old house). And I am heading back out there for a bit later. Moved soaps down from the curing rack. Adding them to the website at some point this weekend. And Now I need to fill the empty curing rack spots with new soap! I sold all of my lotion this week. Lotion is something that I make without a lot of hassle, but that does not mean a thing. I need to eat, sleep, dream about lotion for one full day. Fill the warehouse as one of my good friends tell me. Then he turns right around and says in the next breath, "You need to rest." When I ask him about his contradiction, he giggles and says, "Well, you know me." Thank you!

Have any of you updated to Windows Explorer 8? And if the answer is yes, are you having any problems? It sure is messing with my use of Blogger! Sometimes I cannot leave comments. Sometimes I cannot see photos. And right now I cannot move photos within a non-published post. Arghhhh...computers, love them, don't love them, cannot live without them! And all the same...I am praying for patience. Loads of patience.

Stay cool...and hope you are enjoying your weekend, filled with many blessings!


Alix said...

It was officially 101 degrees in North Florida today (and our AC went out for the second time this week!), but no complaints here either. I just need to remember to walk EARLY because 90 minutes at 9:30 this morning was still too late. I died. HOT!

Still, I'd rather be here in the middle of August than Alaska any day of the year (no offense Sarah Palin).

Debbie said...

It is 76 degrees here in central Illinois, but the humidity is 87%. It's like walking out into a sauna and my hair keeps curling up! Glad my problems aren't worse.
So you think Explorer 8 is the problem? My computer just keeps telling me it cannot open anything and "do I want to report the problem?" I say yes, then it opens it. Whatever!

Mary said...

Alix, now that was a triple digit number!

Hi, Debbie. It can get soggy humid in central,Illinois...but you know that better than me. :)

Explorer 8 is different, but I am not sure what to blame it all on. Can you imagine a day with no computer glitches?

Just what would we do?

KathyB. said...

What an amazing man you are married to. I am impressed you have constructed workshops especially for your canning and soap shop.

I melt in the heat, and for some reason, any temperature above 80 degrees seems hotter here in the Northwest. We have a small air conditioner in our bedroom so we can sleep. Otherwise, we take breaks and sit in the shade by the pond during the hottest part of the day.

I hope you get your blogger problems resolved, but I'll keep reading even if the pictures are not placed where you want them!

Lynnanne said...

I downloaded some new fancy-smanchy verision of Google and had nothing but problems... so away it went! Don't forget to run your virus scans. I've been picking them up left and right lately.

Don't forget to wish all your papa goats happy father's day! ;-)

Twisted Fencepost said...

I love summer, too. And spring and autumn, but winter I can do with out. I don't like being cold and wearing all those clothes to keep warm. The heat index is over 100 her in SC.
Is that a yellow rose? Yes, it looks as if it likes its new home.