Monday, June 15, 2009

Cinnamon Rose Goat Milk Soap

The past several weeks have been busy times in the shop with the filling of orders and keeping the inventory of soap and lotion stocked. You would think I would get sick of soap, but no, I still love to marvel at the soaps before I box them up and send them out. I even love to look at the lotions, and there isn't anything colorful about them. Silly goat woman I am!

I am limping along temporarily with the camera on my phone this week. I wanted to get a good photo of this soap, but it blurred to a point. This is the cinnamon rose soap that I told you about. It also contains rhassoul clay, which is rich in minerals and helps to tone the skin. Rhassoul clay removes surface oil effectively, yet it assists with reducing flakiness and dryness from both the skin and the scalp. Honestly, I thought I would not like the scent when the customer requested it, but I love it! It will most likely be a keeper. It is not overpowering! I have not ran off with an end piece yet to test in the bath, soap is always "people" tested for quality on my farm, but from the looks of it, and based on the oils and clay used, I think I am going to love it. It looks nice, almost creamy-like, smooth, and smells terrific. It will hit the website within a couple of weeks (to be announced here).

And, last but not least, I had to take a photo of my helping friends tonight. A goat is geared towards food. They always think they are hungry, it is what drives them! You can separate a bale of hay, divide it up, and the herd always shifts towards the last morsel you placed in the feeder. Go figure. Hey kids...the hay is the same from beginning to end! Thankfully this bale was still tied. The kids knocked the wheel barrow over as soon as I snapped the photo...the munchkins!!


KathyB. said...

The new soap sounds like a keeper to me too. When will it be ready? I completely understand never getting tired of your passion, I feel the same about my wool, spinning and dyeing yarn.

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Good morning, Kathy.

The cinnamon rose soap should be ready 6/27. I will likely test it this next weekend and add it to the website around 6/24. It sure does smell lovely.

Alix said...

Those little white goat bodies made me giggle. Michief makers! God they are cute though. I would have a hundred of them (if only I could).

The Cinnamon Rose GMS sounds amazing, Mary. Your scent combinations are so unique and inviting. I would never have thought to put Cinnamon and Rose together - I guess that's why you are such a silly goat woman! And you know what? We wouldn't want you any other way.

By the way... your photos look just fine, camera phone or not, and your posts are always enjoyable.

audrey y said...

I'm a 1st time visitor through cedar pond. That cinnamon soap surely smells good. Yes, I can smell it right through this computer.

Seriously, or sort of, I am still quite new at this and mainly write humor,with other sentimental pieces...things I feel strongly about.

I enjoyed your's a new world for me. I have no farm or acreage...just an apartment in a small town. However, I can dream about the other side of things and wish I was there sometimes.

I am 78 years-old but don't believe it. 6 grown children and numerous grands and greats

So glad to make your acquaintace and really stand in awe of the soap-making you do.

God bless


Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Alix, why, yes, I am a silly goat woman and hope I stay that way for a while!

Nice to meet you too, Audrey. 78 years old and you do not believe it? I keep telling my friends, "I hope to at least be milking out one or two goats, still, at 80 years old." Hoping the health holds up, and the spirit.

Glad you were able to smell the cinnamon rose soap right through the computer. Sure is a nice one.

Take care!

Stacey's Treasures said...

The new soap sounds great.
Those silly kids. Goats don't like to eat from the ground.

Jennifer said...

Great picture of the goat kids! Little trouble makers...they are really adorable! The camera phone takes pretty good pictures from where I am sitting!

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

I am critical of the products that I produce as well as photo quality. It is hard for me to swallow a lack of focus when I post a photo here on on the website. So...a new camera (to replace the one I just broke) is not even an option, it is a must.

Lynnanne said...

I understand the need for a camera that does the job and does the job right. Once you've set yourself up to quality, there's no turnin' back!

Same for the goats... I want to have at least one again, sooner than later.

How's that rosemary shampoo bar makin' out? Let me know when it will be ready. I'm heading to Montana at the end of July and would like to take a few of your products up with me as a little gift to the hostess. Did I already tell you this? ha.


Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said... understand the clarity of it. :)

Okay...I'll look in my trusty day planner, which goes everywhere with me now...Rosemary Shampoo bars...should be ready 7/10/09. Just a reminder, and I think I've said this too, this is a trial batch. I hope, hope, hope we like the results. Right now the soap is rather soft, spongy, but that is to be expected with a shampoo bar that we want to be bubbly! Curing should make it look less like a rubber gum eraser. What we care about, however, is how well the soap cleans the hair shaft and scalp, right?

Thanks, faithful lurker!

Lynnanne said...

Yep, you've mentioned this is a trial run on the rosemary shampoo. I haven't forgotten, just have high hopes. :)) What's your turn-around time on an order? I'm looking at ordering after the cure date on the shampoo (so it can be included if it works out) but am heading West around the 22nd of July.

Jeannelle said...

Its wonderful to know of someone like you who absolutely loves what she does. That's wonderful that you never grow tired of working with the soaps, like it is always a sacred task for you. That is great.

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Blogger has been stubborn for me lately! It just does not want me to leave comments!

Jeannelle, I loved your description, "a sacred task." I believe you are right, and I never quite looked at it that way before.

Lynnanne, I will turn any special request around as quickly as possible, so just let me know. My normal procedure is to process an order (fill it) the working day after it is received, and generally it is mailed (priority) the following day. If I am not busy doing a lot of other tasks, I work orders in on the same day received. So, a package that is sent to Indiana (for example) is received by the customer 3 days after they place the order.