Saturday, December 20, 2008


Today I am writing this in very good spirits.

Just who is Annie?

It is not me. Annie is a boer goat.

Annie was our first bottle kid. She was given to us by a very good friend, who was already inundated with a house full of bottle kids.

It was a cold, damp, miserable morning and both of my friends needed to get to work. I received the phone call for help. Please come rescue this orphan, raise her on your farm. The question was worded, "Can you come and help? Helen (a school teacher) needs to go to work!"

Was I ever nervous! We brought her home with the bottle of frozen colostrum (I still have the tiny bottle). We made sure she was dry and comfortable, then we left to buy some kid supplies (nipples and milk replacer). We arrived back home to what we thought was a dead kid. Annie slowly opened her eyes, apparently from a good rest. We jumped for joy. Silly people, we were!

As Annie grew up, she loved to sit in my lap and chew her cud. She weighs in now at 150-170 pounds, too large to sit in my lap. And now she even has an attitude. But she is still our first bottle baby, and she will always be special. Special enough to be the farm mascot.

I didn't note in yesterday's blog, I will do an ingredient article weekly (at the minimum), hoping to write them more often!

Have a wonderful Saturday!


Amy said...

I already knew who Annie was LOL since I have known Annie since you've joined goat forums LOL even though it's my sister's name too.

Hidden Brook Farm said...

Those first ones always seem to be able to find that special place in the heart. She looks like a proud girl standing out there.

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Annie stands in one particular place, and she has since she was a baby. We used to call her our "guard goat." The crazy gal!