Friday, December 26, 2008

A Beautiful Morning

Good Morning!

Today is my "big boys" turn on the blog. Spike is a gentle lug! At 80-100 lbs, his looks meet up to his name, but he leans towards liking to be smooshy. The girls rule the roost in their boxer queendom around here.

It feels good to wake up to a new day. Today I am going to "detox," not literally...but there is going to be a lot of water guzzled, less caffeine, and the plans are for NO junk food.

I posted an ingredient article this morning. The topic is distilled water. I started it a day ago, just did not publish at that point. Surprisingly, it got placed in the spot where I started it, not where I wanted it to be published today. Going to head now to move it around...hoping for it to not be buried!


Joanna said...

I'll go over and read the distilled water post. I like Lug's name.

Amy said...

What a big boy!

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Hello Joanna. "Lug" was one of our puppies. He was quite the tank when a pup. Reminded me so much of his father that I could not part with him. I am not good with raising puppies, I want to mother all of them too long.

Yes, Amy! He is large. I recently had to buy a new collar for him. It is a 26" collar, the largest that TSC had! He shouldn't grow any larger. I say shouldn't...tee hee! The great thing is, he looks thin to me at times, and we have to urge him to eat, so the weight is not from fat. :)

Hidden Brook Farm said...

Handsome dude....doesn't look like he has an ounce of fat on him