Friday, December 26, 2008

Goats and Their Warm Day Antics

Being that we are in the middle of winter, I have caught myself flipping through my sunny weather pics of kids quite a bit recently. This one was taken in September. The doeling on the spool, a snubian, seems to have almost doubled in size. She caught my eye a few days ago, made me wonder who she was for a moment! I love the growth of a kid from a saanan dam and a nubian sire. The spotted doe to the right, Aleecia is also growing out to be a nice sized nubian doe, and one that is vocal to boot. :)


SoapyChica said...

What a great picture - I would just love to give those kids a big squeeze!

Joanna said...

We're going after some spools this morning, I saw some the other day sitting at the local cable company, Charter. The spools are real big, so we're taking our utility trailer. Wish us luck in our theiving adventure.

Charter has a monopoly here, they don't even take incoming calls. You have to call a 800 number with any problems.

Amy said...

We use HUGE rocks as you know from the various pictures that I have posted of the goats on their rocks, they LOVE them! I am glad it is warmer here today but it is awfully gloomy though.

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Sue, I'll give them a hug for you! They really are sweet!

Joanna, those spools are rare to find. I certainly do wish you luck. :)

Amy, yes, your goat rocks are great!

I have thought about having platforms built, sort of like decks for goats. But then I would worry about someone breaking a leg.

Hidden Brook Farm said...

Between this weather & your pics, could get a big case of spring fever.

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Ya' thunk? Ha ha ha! I had it (spring fever)this morning. Kept looking out the window, saying to my husband, "This reminds me of early spring!" Then...I began thinking about the new garden. Oh boy...I need to hold onto those thoughts! :)