Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bursting At The Seams

Yesterday ended up being a day to organize. I worked on my desk, and from the looks of things, it is obvious that I still need to sit in the office a bit longer. Filing and paperwork has a way of growing way out of hand. A prior career in accounting, one that later turned to the management of student loans, pretty much makes me shun any sort of deskwork now. Blah! :) But with all good things, there are necessary evils that we must stay on top of. Blah again! :)

Later in the day I moved on to the soap shop. It was a day to organize that area as well (boxes, soaps, bookwork, shipping materials, oils). Ready for the next project! That's the ticket!

Now for the title of today's blog, Bursting At The Seams. One of the last things I did yesterday was walk around the boer lot. The best time to check on the girls is while they are eating. They are focused on the almighty feed and hardly notice that you are looking at their udders and checking their spines for loosening of ligaments. Nobody seems to be nearing iminent labor, but what I saw made me exclaim out loud, "Oh my word!" Those girls are huge...bursting at the seams! I said to someone yesterday, "I think they have been sneaking into the candy dish when I haven't been looking."

I have been laughing for days at a few scenes from a movie that we watched. The movie is an older one, one that I never cared for before...A Shot In The Dark (the Pink Panther). There is a scene where a bent pool stick is handed to Inspector Clouseau. I have no idea why, but I lost it when I saw that pool stick. I kept thinking that he could not possibly use that thing. My husband was on the phone, and I had a feeling I was going to roll if Clouseau did use the bent pool stick. So, I inched my way out of my seat to get as far away from the phone conversation as I could. I didn't get very far when the bent pool stick was used. Hilarious! I couldn't breathe. And I still cannot. Ha ha ha. It doesn't take much...and I truly believe laughter really is "good medicine."

I read a wonderful piece in the paper the other day. It was geared towards keeping our eyes set on our goals, and towards staying positive. The example given, for those of us that garden, is based on the making of furrows in our gardens. We want our furrows to be deep, and we want them to be straight. Picture the end of that row or furrow being your goal. Where do you want to be in life? What is (or are) your goals? As you start your row, make sure it is deep (well into the ground, a place where seeds will sprout strong roots), and make sure it is straight. To keep your row straight, do not look to the left, nor to the right, and never look back. If you keep your eyes set on your goal, the end of your row, you will surely make a straight path that will end right where you want it to, and it will result in a deeply planted garden that will flourish. A good reminder to all of us. Do not dwell on the evil, the ugly, the problems of the current economy, anything that distracts you from good. Keep your eyes set on your goals, and certainly do not let loose of the focus of where you are going! You will get there and you will like the garden that you have sown!

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