Friday, December 26, 2008

Goat Milk Lotion

Today is a foggy, drizzly day on the farm. The goats do not like this type of weather either. But, the reminder is, there is a season for everything. I love the fog, but the drizzle and mud I can live without. What a beautiful Christmas day we had yesterday, and there are more of those to come. :)

I spent a few hours in the shop earlier this afternoon. The outcome should make a number of people happy (including myself) with fresh goat milk lotions. The "When will you have it?" question has been asked a few times, and I now have responded. Keep your suggestions flowing, because I want to hear!

I catch myself reading the ingredient labels on everything now. I used to buy a beauty product, such as face cream, because I liked what was written about it on the package, or because I was familiar with the brand name, but now I read the ingredients and find myself grimacing at what we might be absorbing into our bodies. I can see myself never buying many of the mass-made department store body care products again. There are certain ingredients that must be included, such as a preservative, or many of us would become sick, but my goal is to make the best products for the skin with the least amount of additives as possible.

I am heading out now to the shop to put the caps on the bottles. And then I will head to the barn to feed the girls. They do not look too happy out there today! Once they start pulling and chomping on the fresh hay, they will be happy campers again. Quite the characters they are!


Amy said...

It was a pretty yucky day here too Mary but tomorrow it's going to be in the 60's though! Wish it could be those temperatures all year 'round though.

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Amy, I do not mind the cold so much, I tend to adjust to each season, I just really dislike the mud, and the dark days. Can you imagine living somewhere where you do not get daylight for a couple of days? We would be basket cases! :)

Hidden Brook Farm said...

Perservatives have gotten such a bad rap lately that a lot of folks forget they are a good thing to add for things that can grow mold & bacteria.