Friday, December 5, 2008

Lotion Day

Today was the day to bottle up lotion. My favorite for the day was the peppermint! Lately I am back in the swing with lavender as well. Sometimes we learn to appreciate certain essential oils all over again. Perhaps the old nose shifts gears from time to time. :)

20 days until Christmas...and as one of wonderful goat friends said yesterday, "Mary, it seems like we have had a long winter already." Neither of us have starting kidding yet, and both of us just know it will happen as soon as the first snow storm arrives. Life on the farm, gotta' love it.

I cleaned my walk in closet out last week. Literally rid the closet of a ton of clothing, except for the older sweatshirts. In anticipation of the colder days ahead, I am going to try to cut sleeves off of the sweatshirts for the newborn kids that need an extra coat. This adventure ought to be pic worthy!

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