Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday's Musings

I had a good giggle a few moments ago. Annie, a very spoiled boer goat, is standing about 15 feet away from my office window. The big girl is standing like a statue, as if in a trance. Every once in a while her mouth goes into action, chewing her cud. I had a vision of a goat in a commercial, talking to me about goat milk products. Something could be wrong with that picture. :)

On to business, today's soaps are a batch of honeysuckle and sage and citrus. Both made for a nice clean smelling experience. The scents made me remember summer, even though we are going into the dark days of winter. I would hop right back into 80 degrees, in a heartbeat. It is a good feeling when a certain aroma can bring forward good feelings, and change our moods. Very therapeutic!

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