Friday, December 12, 2008

Soap Pot in the Shop

Back in the soap making saddle today. It has been a busy week with many other chores.

The camera went along with me today. This photo makes me smile. The soap shop, a warm place to tuck myself away and create the things that I truly enjoy.

Thank you to my supportive husband, friends, and family, who understand my crazy drive to do what I do! And to my husband (again) for making sure I have the place to do what I do!

Today was the day for batches of lavender and honeysuckle. I try to stay as natural as possible, but despite it being a fragrance oil, the honeysuckle is definitely a mind soother.

Lotion and soaps almost ready for a new shop placement in January. Not quite packaged yet. Some are heading to gift baskets.

Filling the curing racks and storage boxes yet again!

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