Thursday, December 11, 2008

Busy At The Helm

Today has been another desk type of day. The sort of day that charges the brain into a lot of action.

I have also been busy reading the commentaries and updates regarding the FDA Globilization Act 2008 (see the link below and other links via the Blog Roll). It seems the small soap and cosmetic business owners are "safe" from the wrath of expensive governmental changes for a while.

We only want to retain our place in America, knowing that we can freely grow our small businesses. Many of us cannot start big, we start small. And when we are small, we cannot afford the big fees that could be required if changes are implemented that could cost us, minimally, $2,000.00 just to register our businesses.

If you have the desire to see these types of small businesses succeed, please visit one of the sites, and put your signature on a petition. Better yet, write a letter to help the cause.

Thank you!

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