Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Contest Winner

Before I run down to the barn to feed the critters, I wanted to post this week's Wash Your Monday Blues away winner!

Amy found the inbedded GC (Goat Chat) link on the Annie's Goat Hill FAQ's page.

Her choice was a bar of honey oatmeal goat milk soap!

I have had the honor of knowing Amy through Goat Chat this past year. Amy resides in Michigan. She is a wonderful lady, with a sense of humor that I so much appreciate! I love a good laugh, and she certainly can provide it. Amy has had to deal with a lot of health issues in her life. I wish she didn't have to battle the things that she does, but I can say without a blink of an eye, she inspires me, with a reminder that strength within ourselves is key! Thank you, Amy! Keep that faith! And you certainly were fast in finding that link!!!!