Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday...The Day Of Rest

I truly appreciate Sundays, the day we are told to rest. The day we start the week with. The day we renew, prepare our minds and body for the work week ahead.
Many of us set this day aside for family, friends, quiet time, worship, reflection, and even meditation.
I was startled awake this morning by something beautiful, much like the image above. The sunrise was so bright it seemed like something huge was burning. It was. The clouds striped across the horizon and the sunshine was streaming through. Glorius.
Yesterday's post was meant to be something very positive. Life has a lot to offer. Despite our worries, we should never stop looking, onwards and upwards, for the brightness in the days ahead. Nor should we stop finding the brightness in this very moment.
God Bless.

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Amy said...

My Sunday was a busy one actually, we had some friends of ours at church yesterday, my friend that my sister and I grew up with was there with her Dad and step Mom and her 3 daughter's, her youngest is 5 weeks old which I got to hold so sweet and precious, she has red hair like her Mommy- the first out of her 3 girls that have the red hair. They provided lunch for us as they knew we were heading out to the Assisted Living for their annual CHRISTmas party then we had to rush back home to feed the goats then head back to church for movie night so we didn't get much rest today.