Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wash Your Monday Blues Away Contest

For those of you that do not know, I live a busy life. I run a soap and bath product business, handle a goat herd, and I am a moderator on a goat forum. I am also very much a home-based person, and I much appreciate my husband and life on the farm.

The goat forum that I help moderate is called Goat Chat. I am proud to provide a link to the forum. And I want to announce a contest that will be running at that site for at least 6 weeks.

Please do not look for any formal legalities with this contest. The gift is one of my bars of soap. You do not have to be a Goat Chat member to win, but I would appreciate it if you would visit the site.

Goat Chat:

About the contest:

Wash Away Your Monday blues contest!!

This contest ought to be a fun one…and there is a real prize involved!

To win the contest all you need to do is go to my website and find the initials GC (underlined). Once you find the initials you must go to the Contact Us page on my website and send an email to Annie’s Goat Hill.

The first person that I receive an email from that identifies the correct page that contains the initials GC will receive a bar of soap, compliments of Annie’s Goat Hill.

Your email must include the name of the page where you found the initials GC, your full name, and your mailing address. In that initial email you must also tell me what type of soap you are requesting.

Within 3 days of receipt of your email your bar of soap will be sent to you via mail (USPS).

I do not have many rules for this contest, but here are those few:
-The contest will run beginning at 8:00 AM (Eastern time) each Monday. Closing time for each contest will be 12:00 AM (Eastern time) each Tuesday.
-Winners will be announced via GC and my blog each Tuesday morning (or afternoon) depending upon my schedule, preferably by 1:00 PM Tuesday.
-No repeat winners within the same calendar month.
-I will be the judge of the email received times/dates.. Annie’s Goat Hill will not provide proof of the emails received. You have to trust me on this one (and you can)!
-You must allow me to give at least your first name, general location, and a very small tidbit about you on both GC and my blog when I announce the winner each week.
-The email that you send must come directly from my website.
-The soap will be mailed to you, no UPS shipments.
-Shipment will be made to the continental US or Canada. If you wish shipment to be made to other locations, you will be required to pay for the shipping.
-I will edit rules if extreme circumstances arise (none expected).
-The most important rule is have fun!!

A note from myself…you might be wondering why am I doing this? Many of you have expressed that you would like to try my soaps. This is your opportunity! I care about everyone, I am proud of GC, and I am proud of what I do (my products). No catches involved, none! And it is time for a good contest on GC and otherwise!

So, start picking our your scent/type of soap…and be ready to find GC (which, by the way, will also be linked to Goat Chat).

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Amy said...

I can't e-mail you through your site though since we don't have the e-mail application to do so though.