Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Weekend Tractor Project

In May, 2008, a new lady entered our lives. She became the star of attention every Sunday afternoon, from noon until feeding time. Her name is Allie.

Allie isn't like the rest of us ladies in the 50-year old range. She is a bright orange tractor, made in 1955, by Allis-Chalmers, a model "CA."

For those of you that might have eyes glazing over right now, I would think that I would be doing the same. I got bit by the farm bug as a young child, but never was able to pursue my dreams until 8 years ago. Now, if it involves animals, tractors, farms, you name it, I learn, and absorb, like a never-ending sponge that will always be absorbant for more. Would I have ever thought I would be wet sanding a hood (still missing from the tractor), or helping to drain and pour in new oil, or sitting on the tractor seat (my favorite spot) to help test the brakes? No! But I am loving it! I want to see the guys get this one put back together, and I want to see another project started!

My husband (Bob), Mr. B, as they call him at our friend Bob's house (the man in the suspenders), have had the time of their lives cleaning, painting, rebuilding, and making Allie run like a dream. The worst day, and I even was able to repeat that back today (unbelievable), was the Sunday they worked on the hydraulic control. Frustration ran wild that afternoon!

One of the best parts of this project has been the "giggles and yucks," as we call them, with our friends. I'll never forget the day the guys carefully drove the tractor down to the car wash. Somehow they came back with only 1/2 of the tractor washed. We are still laughing over that one! They washed the back end, but didn't touch the front. Scratch your head on that one!

I have been told that I will sit in one of these seats in a parade at the fair some day. I am not sure about that...but I like sitting up there! Have is short!


Amy said...

How neat!

Hidden Brook Farm said...

How cool & such good times...I can picture you in the parade:)

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Forget the desk job, throw on the bib overhauls and straw hat! :)

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

I have tractor envy! Looks nice!