Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Colors Of Spring

Today was a day to work in the office. I worked on placing supply orders, balanced books, and then I stepped outside to enjoy the day for a few minutes.

The colors of spring bring so much hope to the heart. I love the cool days, yet I love the hot sun. There is no better sleeping weather at night than when there is a cool breeze!

And, yes, there are dandelions everywhere. But truly, they are pretty! And they mean spring is back.

And yes, there are weeds that need mowed on the slope, but they also bring the beauty of spring with them.

How about those wonderful colors when the maples are first getting their new spring leaves?

And the different colors of green?


KathyB. said...

Ha ha Mary! I almost posted a picture of a very big and beautiful clump of dandelions on my blog, under the heading 'native plants'! Prolific, and always with us, and I agree with you, they are cheerfully pretty. We have some super duper prize winning size dandelions too!

I pull up big clumps of dandelions to feed the chickens and sheep. They love to eat them and after a lot of dandelion treats my chicken's eggs have the richest yellow orange yolks and are even more yummy.

Your place is beautiful...don't you just hate to leave home for very long when you have so much you love right there?

Arnita said...

Mary you are so right! The spring colors are just beautiful. I went out yesterday with the kids. I didn't even realize that my Tulips were up. the colors are just great. I have a few more flowers but the tulips I just love. Today, while the kids sleep, I plann on taking some pictures.

I just love this time of year!

Twisted Fencepost said...

This year, I have decided that spring is my favorite time of year. Never could really decide on my favorite until now.
I say, "BRING IT ON"!!

DebH said...

Oh My!! you are way ahead of us and it is gorgeous!!
We have a while to go before we may even see a bud here, and with 8 inches of snow last week, we are still mucking around in hip boots. Soon...any day...we might see signs!

Alix said...

So so pretty, Mary. It's odd to see the trees just now budding in Ohio since we've been green for awhile in Florida - but regardless of when they come, they are always so welcome and reassuring.

I'm so happy Spring has made it north. Finally!

Thanks for the lovely photos.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful pictures! There were some cold and windy winter days I didn't know if Spring would ever get here while I impatiently waited for its warm sunshine and beautiful colors to come back, but it is finally here. I am so happy!

Amy said...

Lovely pictures!