Saturday, April 4, 2009

Today's Goat Milk Soap Unveiling

The first is the Orange Cream goat milk soap, cut yesterday morning. Orange with a light vanilla scented topping. Good enough to eat? I love the color.

And I am not opposed to publishing the "oopsies." In the Annie's Goat Hill soap shop I do not have many throw aways, seriously, a total of 4 batches since I started making soap in 2003. After contemplation, I ditched the first batch of goat milk soap last year because the lather was too sticky (not even good enough to give to a shelter, always a consideration). I "people" test each and every batch at curing. Another batch was not appealing to the nose at all, and I will guarantee it would not have been pleasant to any human being. :)

Anyhow, I did not cut this next batch until a few minutes ago. I had to do quite the chop job on it. It was not a total throw away. The top has been slivered off, too soft, and experience tells me it would not have hardened. It no longer looked like creamed spinach, thankfully, but unfortunately it looked like dark blue or purple ink. I was able to save a few bars, and I am hoping they will be usable once cured. If anything, a special gift for someone. I call it Unripened Berries.


Anonymous said...

Pretty soap!

Gioia Made Soap said...

Hi Mary, well to start with the first batch: very delightful, orange love it!
The blue batch is amazing. What scent does it have in it?
Very nice!

Alix said...

The orangey brown soap looks like fudge and the blue and white looks like fancy marble - both of which I KNOW I would like.