Thursday, April 30, 2009

Plastic Bricks Museum

I received the monthly Country Living magazine today from my power company.

I like to browse the magazine from time to time, forgetting that most are Ohio-based stories.

I stumbled across an article about a Toy and Plastic Brick Museum, was in awe of the creativity and skill in the museum pieces. Talk about talent.

I remember walking across the dark living room shag carpet when my youngest son was not quite school age yet, stepping on a Lego, ouch(!), and reminding myself, "That boy loves his

After looking up the Toy and Plastic Brick Museum on the internet I found their blog, and their location, Bellaire, Ohio. Cool! I wanted to leave comments on their blog, but it apparently is a closed type of thing. Shoot!

I am not into toys, but I do think a hobby and creativity helps everyone. It could be soap, it could be weaving or spinning, gardening, you name it, but the old saying, "Everyone needs a hobby," is oh so true!!!

Anyhow...the picture above is my favorite from their blog! Which one do you like?

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KathyB. said...

It is cute that they put the plastic brick animals in a cage.....I imagine otherwise all the little boys ( or big boys and girls ) touring this would play with them. Legos never lose their appeal, for just the reason you stated, we all need an outlet for our creativity.